Marilyn Manson Sued By Ex-Girlfriend Who Claims He Raped Her & Forced Her To Watch Torturous Home Video

A former girlfriend of Marilyn Manson has filed a lawsuit against the musician (born Brian Warner), claiming he raped and sexually abused her multiple times during their relationship almost 10 years ago.

According to TMZ, the woman listed as “Jane Doe” said the disturbing events began when she became involved with the 52-year-old rocker in 2011. While things started okay, she said it quickly took a turn for the worse. Throughout that time, the anonymous woman detailed how Manson raped and subjected her to “further degrading acts of sexual exploitation, manipulation, and psychological abuse,” The Wrap reported.

Furthermore, she claimed the singer showed her a video called “Groupie” in which he tied a young fan to a chair, forced her to drink a glass of a band member’s urine, and threatened her with a gun. What the actual f**k…

Manson allegedly told the former partner he had filmed the video in 1996 following an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl and kept the footage locked in a safe. However, per TMZ, a source close to the writer said the video was actually “a scripted short film” for an unreleased project.

The complaint went on to describe how the accuser feared for her life after viewing the videotape and claimed sex with Manson became increasingly violent. In one instance, she alleged that he forced her to perform oral sex when she refused his advances. And when she later tried to return a key to his home, Marilyn raped and threatened to kill her. He then allegedly bragged how “he would get away with it if he indeed murdered her.”

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According to People, the woman revealed she had “repressed” the memories until this February, when multiple people came forward with their own experiences. Now, Jane Doe is suing the producer for damages and a declaration that his disgusting actions broke the law.


As we previously reported, Manson has faced several accusations of sexual and physical abuse from several women — including Esmé Bianco, Ashley Walters, and Evan Rachel Wood. The performer previously addressed some of the abuse allegations on his Instagram, stating that his “intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners” and the accounts were “horrible distortions of reality.” Since then, he has remained quiet as more and more people step forward with their own stories.

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