Mary J. Blige Has Had Enough of People Calling Her ‘Auntie’

During an interview to promote ‘Power’ spinoff, the singer and actress points out that she particularly has an issue when someone who is older than her refers to her as ‘Auntie.’

AceShowbizMary J. Blige is getting tired of people calling her “auntie,” especially when the ones who do this are actually older than her. The singer and actress lamented over this fact when she was promoting the upcoming “Power” spinoff, “Power Book II: Ghost”.

Speaking to the interviewer, Mary said, “I was literally thinking, ‘Why can’t I just be your sister? And there’s women that are way older than me calling me auntie.’ I’m like, come on B. Come on. Can’t I just be your sister? Your friend in your head? The auntie is like, come on. Not if you’re 10 years older than me. Please don’t call me auntie. I’ll be your sister and your friend in your head.”

Learning of this, many people encouraged Mary to embrace the term because they use it as a sign of respect for her, given that she’s been in the industry for a long time. “I think they really need to just embrace the culture. Auntie is a sign of respect, celebs be dragging it! If the person is older I can understand but like it’s not that deep!” someone said, as another similarly wrote, “Is not even that serious. We are not calling y’all old it’s a respect thing.”

Mary is far from being the first person who expressed her dislike over being called the term by her fans. Prior to this, director Ava DuVernay also lamented over similar things because she didn’t feel like she was old enough to carry such a title. “First of all, I have a real issue with recently I’ve been getting called on Twitter ‘Auntie Ava.’ Why?! Why?! Am I that old? Because I don’t feel that old,” the “When They See Us” director said during an interview.

Her interviewer later told her that people are most likely calling her auntie because they respect her, but Ava admitted that she still has an issue with that. “I’ve been feeling some kind of way about it,” she said.

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