Matthew McConaughey played virtual bingo with senior citizens like a true gem

We already knew Matthew McConaughey was a precious gem of a man but a new video of him playing virtual bingo has all but cemented this fact.

The Hollywood star is the latest big name sprinkling a little bit of joy into the world as we all continue to self-isolate during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Magic Mike star recently made a very special appearance when The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living enjoyed a game of bingo together via Zoom.

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The facility is based in Texas where Matthew, 50, lives with his family so it’s only right the actor decided to hop onto the call and join in the fun.

In fact, the Dallas Buyers Club star was joined by his wife Camila, two of their kids and his mum Kay as they called out chips during the game.

A video of Matthew calling out the winning numbers was shared the facility’s Facebook page along with the caption: ‘Ever play virtual bingo with #MatthewMcConaughey?

‘You’d be a whole lot cooler if you did! The residents at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living got to play virtual bingo with #MatthewMcConaughey and his family! Thank you to Matthew, his wife Camila, and his mom Kay for hosting our residents for a few rounds of virtual bingo!

The caption ended: ‘Our residents had a great time playing, and they loved talking with Matthew about his family heritage and his favorite drink.’

And this happened just weeks after The Gentlemen actor made soothing video encouraging fans to ‘make lemonade’ out of this rather unusual and quite scary lemon we’ve all been faced with.

Being the voice of reason at a time when we could all do with a little calming and reassurance, Matthew said: ‘Just want to say in these crazy times that we’re in for coronavirus. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.’

Feel like you’re panicking? There’s no need, says Matthew.

‘Let’s not go to the lowest common denominator and get paranoid, let’s do our due diligence and take the precautions we need to take care ourselves and those of us around us right now, more than ever, before we’re more dependent on each other than we have ever been,’ he continued.

And giving us all the pep talk we need to rise to the challenge of quarantining ourselves and looking out for those who are more vulnerable, Matthew did his best to rally up his followers.

He said: ‘We have an enemy in coronavirus that is faceless, that is raceless, sexless, non denominational… it’s an enemy we all agree that we want to beat and we’re gonna beat.

‘In this time when people are going to move on and the economy is going to be in shambles for who knows how long there is a green light… that green light is going to be built on the values that we can enact right now.’

‘Values of fairness, kindness, accountability, resilience, respect, courage, we practice those things right now when we get out of this, this virus this time might be the one time that brings us all together and unifies us like we have not been in a long time,’ Matthew pointed out.

‘Let’s see if we can make some lemonade out of this lemon that we’re in the middle of trying to red light to a green light… just keep living,’ he told fans, with a few added fist bumps thrown in.

What a guy!

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