Meghan Markle: Clashing With Harry Over First Post-Megxit Interview?!

From the moment that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family, experts predicted the split would be a messy one for all parties involved.

After all, this is uncharted territories for the royals.

While there may be some historical precedents — the abdication on King Edward VIII is the one that’s cited most often — no royal has ever done anything quite like what Meghan and Harry are attempting.

And as expected, the road to freedom has been a rocky one.

Meghan and Harry receive far more support on this side of the pond than they ever got back home, but even the American press has been critical of some of their recent behavior.

For example, the Sussexes generated quite a bit of concerm — and more than a few allegations of tone-deafness — with their decision to move to Los Angeles just as America claimed its place as the nation hardest hit by the coronavirus.

Similarly, Meghan and Harry announced their new charity amid the pandemic, but informed fans that the organization would not be launched until after concerns about the virus had subsided.

Again, this struck many as just a tad out-of-touch.

The Sussexes will need their reputations more than ever, now that they’re supporting themselves financially.

And Meghan is apparently of the belief that now is the time to do some damage control.

Insiders tell the Daily Star that Meghan is “extremely serious” about trying to “win back the public” and she’s rushing headlong into her re-branding campaign, even as the world remains fixated on the threat from the coronavirus.

One source claims Meghan has already lined up an interview with an outlet that will pay her upwards of $1 million to tell her side of the story.

But she and Harry are reportedly clashing over the issue of how much access they should allow the public.

“It will be the most anticipated global TV interview event since Diana’s famous ­tell-all chat with Martin Bashir,” the insider says, adding that Meghan is currently giving “serious consideration” to the proposal.

“Meghan wants to donate all the money to charity – probably the NHS after the incredible efforts of all the frontline workers,” says the source.

“When she was part of the Royal Family it would have been unthinkable for her to do a solo interview with anyone about her life and how being a princess has changed her world.

For obvious reasons, Meghan is excited by the opportunity to seize control of her narrative.

But Harry is reportedly uncomfortable with the prospect of a camera entering his home, and he’s reportedly attempting to convince his wife that now is simply not the time.

According to royal historian Duncan Larcombe, the couple is likely to experience more of these disagreements, as Harry attempts to adjust to life in Los Angeles.

“Harry didn’t go to university and he hasn’t had much work experience other than being in the army and charity work,” says Larcombe.

“Being in Hollywood is likely to make him feel like a duck out of water, as it will be tricky for him to find a suitable role,” he adds.

“I suspect he will be missing home more than ever and feeling a bit helpless.”

Sounds like a tough situation.

Of course, we suppose anyone who grew up in a palace with an army of servants would feel a bit helpless setting off on his own for the first time.

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