Mike Pence Trips & Falls While Running Up Stairs To Airplane & Voters Mock Him As The New Gerald Ford

Vice President Mike Pence took an embarrassing misstep that caused him to fall forward while going up the stairs to board Air Force Two and Twitter users mocked the incident with various words and memes.

Vice President Mike Pence, 61, was boarding Air Force 2 on the morning of June 23 when he accidentally tripped on one of the plane’s top stairs and fell forward on his hands and the filmed moment quickly went viral on social media. The political figure quickly got up and signaled he was okay with a thumbs up and wave to the crowd below after the misstep and all seemed well. The incident happened while he was getting read to head to Wisconsin to attend a roundtable discussion about school choice with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Once the video of Pence’s fall made its way around the internet, Twitter users responded with various tweets that poked fun at the memorable moment. One user compared him to former President Gerald Ford, who is known for falling down Air Force One’s stairs in 1975 during a trip to Austria. “Well he is the new Gerald Ford of the impeached president,” the user’s tweet read, referring to the impeachment of President Donald Trump, 74.

Another user compared him to 44th President Barack Obama, 58. “He’s trying to be Obama but he just can’t quite get there,” the tweet read along with a video of Obama smoothly going up a flight’s sets of stairs. “We just entered Summer, isn’t it too early for Fall?” a third user joked. “OK Mike, you got this…don’t trip don’t trip don’t trip don’t trip don’t trip don’t trip D’OH!” a fourth tweet read.

Pence’s fall isn’t the first time a large number of Twitter users laughed about a politician’s vulnerable moment on airplane steps. In Oct. 2018, President Trump was mocked after he appeared to unknowingly have a piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe while going up Air Force One’s steps. Luckily he didn’t fall, but it didn’t prevent the social media users from writing some eye-catching responses such as “Flush yourself, please” and one user called the moment his “paper towel walk.”

Another political figure who had a mishap in 2018 was the wife of former Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, Belinda Culberson. Pence was with her when she toppled over after coming down the steps of Air Force Two at Hobby Airport in Houston. She was not hurt and he helped her back up before he and her husband went to greet supporters on the tarmac.

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