Millie Mackintosh ‘felt so low’ in early motherhood she would ‘burst into tears without knowing why’

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Millie Mackintosh has reflected on her early days as a first time mum with husband Hugo Taylor, 34, speaking out about the “ups and downs” of her journey throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

The Made in Chelsea star, 31, said while she was the “happiest” she was also struggling when she felt “so low” which she says involved days filled with anxiety “creeping in”.

Alongside two bare-faced selfies with one year old daughter Sienna asleep in her arms, Millie began to share on Instagram: “I made a promise to myself when I was pregnant with Sienna that I would share the ups and the downs with you.

“Pregnancy and motherhood are tough, especially those early days with sleepless nights & baby meltdowns when you’re just trying to find your rhythm.”

Millie, who revealed her gorgeous celebrations for Sienna's first birthday, went on to explain: “I struggled in those first few weeks, my emotions were all over the place and I would burst into tears without knowing why.

“I was the happiest I’ve ever been but I also felt so low and unsure of everything, I chose to share these photos as they pretty much sum up the way I was feeling with my ups and downs.

“I still have days like this even now, I’m so consumed by the love that I have for Sienna, but sometimes the anxiety creeps in.”

She added: “On those days I have to work hard to remind myself that as long as she is happy and healthy then I’m doing a good job!” before opening up on the support she has had along the way.

“I have a great support network around me which I’m so grateful for, talking and sharing the way I was feeling was a really positive experience for me, knowing that it was ok, that it was normal, that I wasn’t alone and that I was a good Mum,” the star continued, after recently admitting she is finding motherhood a challenge as Sienna 'fights and kicks her'.

“I’m so proud to support @happiest_baby_uk and @mums_aid around #MaternalMentalHealthMonth who are encouraging mothers to share their tricky times so that other Mums can relate & know that they’re not alone – after all they say it takes a village to raise a child!”

Millie signed off by writing: “If you’re struggling or feeling low please reach out to a friend or a medical professional, you really are not alone.”

The mum of one was soon inundated with many comments from her followers, which saw one writing to Millie: “I had my baby around a similar time to you and have found your posts and updates so helpful and reassuring over the last year. Thank you xxxx.”

Another commented: “Wonderful attitude to share with other young mums xx.”

“Thank you for being honest. When I had my eldest 11 years ago there wasn’t many mothers sharing the reality and it was so hard!” a third shared.

“I felt like I was weird. I was only 19. So I know there will be lots of mummies out there who will appreciate you speaking about the reality.”

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