Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury hit back at cruel claims they ‘killed’ their dog as they reveal autopsy results

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have hit back at trolling comments over the death of their Pomeranian puppy Mr Chai.

The 21 year old influencer said she “could not ignore the comments” and had been sat “hysterically crying” at critics who accused the pair of “killing” their dog for taking it out and slammed them for shipping a dog from Russia.

In a 12-minute long YouTube video, where the couple looked downcast, Molly recollected the heartbreaking day their Pomeranian pup passed away after receiving him into their care the week before.

She told her viewers: “When we first got Chai we… I can’t even explain how happy we were he was absolutely everything.

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“He was just perfect and I just knew at that moment that we had found our… we just had our little baby. It was literally like we had a baby.

“For the first two days he was absolutely fine, running around, he was OK wasn’t he?”

Tommy added: “Yep, how puppies should be.”

The couple then explained that after a couple of days, Mr Chai had began vomiting, not eating and had runny poo.

Love Island couple Molly-Mae and Tommy then took the pup to the vet and were told they would keep him over night.

Minutes later, Molly-Mae received a phone call telling her the pup had suffered a seizure and died.

She said: “We were both just utterly shocked. Tommy threw up everywhere. I just said to her: ‘It’s a prank, like, some sick person has just found out Chai’s gone to the vet’.”

Molly-Mae then explained she had paid to get an autopsy done on the puppy which had revealed he had enlarged organs, a low white blood cell count, which meant he couldn’t fight infections, and an under-developed skull.

The influencer continued: “What the vet said is that if Chai was in Russia, if Chai was in my mum’s care, or with the breeder, Chai was always going to pass away with he condition he was born with, with everything that was wrong with him he was not going to be able to survive past a very, very young age.”

The couple then moved to clear up some of the criticism they had received after announcing the death of their dog.

She said: “Whilst we understand people’s opinions with him being shipped from Russia, which we completely understand and agree with what people are saying, that is not what made this little baby dog pass away.”

Molly-Mae then insisted they didn’t take the dog out before its immunisations and the pup was given the injections before he was handed over to them.

She said: “One thing I just wanna clarify which I has upset me more than anything, I’ve literally been devastated over for the last two hours is that people think that we took Chai out before he had his injections.

“I just wanna clarify that we would never, ever do that. Chai had every single injections, every single vaccinations. He was four and a half months old. The breeder gives him his injections before we get him into our care. So we were told it was fine to take him outside, which it was.”

She added: “Anyone making comments about us killing our own dog… I mean, honestly,”before putting her hand over her mouth.

Molly-Mae also insisted she was the one who chose the breeder, not Tommy.

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The blonde beauty said: “I just wanna clarify that because I saw a lot of tweets this morning saying that Tommy has typed into Google cutest puppy. I selected the breeder, I asked Tommy to get this dog amor this breeder. It had nothing to do with him.

“So many people are writing vile tweets saying that he had he had selected the breeder.”

Tommy added: “Listen, it’s not always about that though, you can’t think on the worse side of things. If your friend got a nice dog and you would love a dog, you’re an animal lover, you would say: ‘Oh where did you get that dog from?’ and you would trust that it would be OK.”

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