Naga Munchetty: BBC Breakfast star reveals warning from Bill Turnbull ‘I’m not having it’

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BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty, 45, revealed how she reacts to abuse online and the advice her former co-star Bill Turnbull, 64, once gave her.

We’re exposed to that and I’m not having it, that’s my attitude.

Naga Munchetty

During the chat on Louise and Annie’s Her Sprit podcast, Louise Minchin, 51, began by saying she tries to ignore criticism and “lets the storm pass” if she’s ever a target of abuse.

Handing over to Naga, she told listeners her co-star has a different approach when it comes to dealing with trolls.

Naga began by saying she doesn’t get nervous when she goes on air or when she interviews guests.

She said: “The only reason to be nervous is if you don’t know your stuff, if you haven’t prepared and if you haven’t done everything you can to make sure you have the answers.


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“If you’ve done your side of the work, that takes nervousness out of it.

“When you talk about the storm, I hate injustice, I get so angry if people aren’t fair.

“I have no issue with being criticised, [if] I am being told off by my boss for doing something wrong, absolutely not a problem.”

Naga went on to say that she also doesn’t mind reading “constructive criticism” online if it’s to do with her work.

Giving an example, she added: “I don’t mind if on social media there is constructive criticism like, ‘I feel you didn’t ask this question, I feel like you didn’t push that hard enough’ that’s fine.

“When someone abuses me, I’m going to come back at them with two barrels, I’m just not having it.

“I am not there to be abused when I’m doing my job.”

Detailing a warning she once received from Bill on the show, she added: “Bill Turnbull said this to me… ‘What we do on air and what footballers do, they’re the two jobs where people think they can abuse us while we are doing our job’.

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“Not after we’ve done our job, while we are doing our job. We’re exposed to that and I’m not having it, that’s my attitude.”

Naga is a regular Twitter user and has a huge fan base with 214,000 followers.

The presenter regularly responds to fans’ comments, both positive and negative.

She recently hit back at a fan who mocked her for wearing high heels on the show.

The person in question wrote: “I’m not known for my own sartorial elegance but why would anyone like Naga Munchetty feel the need to wear high-heeled shoes like these on a BBC TV breakfast news programme? Discuss.”


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Naga simply replied: “Because I want to.”

Her co-star Louise on the other hand took a break from social media last year after being a target of abuse.

She told Cheshire Life Magazine: “You might think I am oversensitive (I probably am), and need to grow a thicker skin (I probably do), but the truth is I can read a hundred nice comments about me but it will be the nasty one I will remember, try as I might to shrug it off.

“Recently the level of acrimony on social media reached unnerving levels, with people constantly shouting at each other, whipping up outrage and throwing around wild assumptions.

“I realised, I had had enough of reading it and being drawn into the cycle of negativity.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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