Naomi Campbell is taking about 30 vitamin supplements with her vitamin smoothie

Naomi Campbell continues to provide interesting content on her YouTube channel. Give credit where credit is due: Naomi’s normal, everyday life is very interesting. More interesting than I would have thought. Yes, I know Naomi is glamorous as hell and I would love to see YouTube videos of her interactions with famous people at glitzy parties, but her YouTube videos highlight the mundane parts of her life: how she grocery shops, how she disinfects airplane seats, how anxious she is the age of a pandemic. Naomi’s latest YouTube video is all about how she’s boosting her immune system by taking a mountain of vitamin supplements. It’s… interesting, but I also think there’s some bad science happening here. The video:

First off, I feel like she’s putting too many powders in her smoothie! But when she blended it (I love her little blender), it actually did look okay, like a chocolate shake or something. I bet that sh-t has a nasty aftertaste though, because of the assortment of powders. She included: almond milk, cacao powder, matcha powder, artichoke powder, baobab powder, collagen, moringa powder and pomegranate. With her immune-supporting smoothie, she takes about 30 vitamin pills, swearing that they’re “all natural” – liquid vitamin C, vitamin D, papaya seeds, probiotics, black seed, Humacel and more.

The best case scenario is that some or all of Naomi’s vitamin supplements are helping her and actually boosting her immune system and helping her fight off whatever viruses she might be exposed to. The worst case scenario is that she’s doing too much and all of those supplements might actually cause some health problems if she overdoes it (which she appears to be doing). That being said, I like that she added a few clips about how this kind of extreme vitamin-dosing isn’t for everyone and it’s all a tricky proposition anyway.

Screencaps from YouTube video.

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