NBC's Ken Dilanian Curses on Live TV, Apologizes

NBC’s Ken Dilanian is the latest victim of the dreaded hot mic … unwittingly unleashing a stream of curse words on live TV, but he’s got an explanation and an apology.

Here’s the deal … Ken was supposed to be doing a live hit Tuesday on MSNBC about new developments in President Trump‘s refusal to concede and acknowledge President-Elect Joe Biden, and he cursed as Craig Melvin introduced him.

“Oh, s***, f***,” Ken exclaimed while looking down at his phone. MSNBC quickly cut away after the profanity.

Ken’s already saying sorry for his on-air gaffe … he’s apologizing for using profanity and says it was a byproduct of technical difficulties. He mistakenly hung up on the control room — hence the four-letter words — but didn’t realize his mic was still hot.

It’s pretty funny, and relatable for folks working remotely during the pandemic. Keep this in mind before your next Zoom meeting.

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