Netflix is going to produce another documentary about Princess Diana, lolz

In 2020, Netflix seemed to be a corporation on a mission: to take down Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. It was pretty funny. Netflix produced The Crown Season 4, which showed (in one season) the introduction of a teenaged Lady Diana Spencer and Charles’ emotional and psychological abuse of Diana starting from the early days of their courtship. Clarence House did the most to combat the wholly truthful representation of the Wales’ marriage, and they ended up Streisand Effect-ing themselves and drawing more interest to the series. Not only that, they pissed off Netflix to the point where Netflix hyped the hell out of their reissue of the 2017 documentary Diana: In Her Own Words. That documentary merely used Diana’s own tapes to Andrew Morton, where she describes intimate details of her suffering, her marriage, her eating disorder, and a lot more. Clarence House even got pissed about this TWEET:

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) December 1, 2020

If a future king’s status is so endangered by a popular Netflix soap opera and a TWEET, then guess what? Charles has bigger problems than Netflix. Still, Netflix smelled blood in the water, bless their hearts. Netflix is apparently greenlighting another documentary about Diana using even more audio from the Morton tapes.

Netflix was accused of trolling the Royal Family after a ‘sinister’ post on its official social media account prompted a wave of online hate for Prince Charles and Camilla. Senior palace sources reacted with anger to the tweet, which invited viewers to watch a documentary on Princess Diana which they claimed would provide ‘answers’ to criticism of its flagship drama The Crown.

Now, the heir to the throne and his wife should prepare to don tin hats again because, I can reveal, the documentary makers are planning to release a new film with more damaging revelations, based on unheard audio recordings made by Diana.

The sequel to the worldwide hit Diana: In Her Own Words will be released to mark the 25th anniversary of the Princess’s death next year. American film maker Tom Jennings says he has six more hours of unheard recordings. They were made for use by Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton in his 1992 book Diana: Her True Story.

‘There are seven hours of tapes that Diana made for Morton,’ Jennings says. ‘We wound up in our two-hour film only using about one hour of them.

‘We’re talking quite a bit about doing something for next year, which is the 25th anniversary of Diana’s passing and also coincidentally it’s the 30th anniversary of Andrew Morton’s book. There will be renewed interest, and season five of The Crown will be coming out.’

Diana: In Her Own Words was first screened amid much controversy in 2017. It was re-released last year by Netflix, which used it to justify controversial scenes in The Crown. Viewers of the haunting documentary watched archive royal footage as Diana’s voice was heard making stark revelations such as how she tried to bring on a miscarriage by throwing herself down stairs while pregnant with Prince William, and how Charles allegedly wished that Prince Harry had been a girl.

Jennings admits the sequel will cause similar upset at the palace. ‘There are about 140 story points that Diana talks about over the seven hours,’ he says. ‘We called it the seven pillars of Diana’s life.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Lolz. There are a lot of tapes! Andrew Morton parcelled them out every so often to outlets like Entertainment Tonight and such, but I don’t hate the fact that he’s apparently giving documentary filmmakers a chance to use them in a more comprehensive fashion. And yes, it will absolutely send Charles into yet another tailspin. He’ll be authorizing “sources” to “fact check” everything in the documentary, thus giving it more attention and more people will watch it. And Diana’s ghost will laugh and laugh and laugh.

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