New Yorker Explores Creepy Abandoned Apartment Behind Her Mirror & TikTok Compares It To Candyman!

The creepiest horror movie isn’t in cinemas this year: it’s on TikTok!

A New Yorker made the social media platform collectively cry, “run, gurl!” after documenting her journey behind the bathroom mirror in her apartment — where she found a creepy, abandoned unit she never knew about.

Samantha Hartsoe went viral for her four-part video saga she posted to the platform on Wednesday and Thursday. Her first clip alone, in which she announced the bone-chilling news, has garnered over 7.8 million views. She explained her discovery came from an undying draft in her dwelling, telling her followers:

“I’m in my New York City apartment, and it’s cold. It doesn’t matter how high the heat goes, I’m cold.”

Tracing back the chilly air into her bathroom, the young woman said she felt a cold breeze flowing from a notch in the doorway — before realizing that the cold air was coming from the mirror. She added:

“And I realize the mirror moves.”


In Act 2, Samantha took down her mirror to reveal an unfinished apartment on the other side. When letting two friends in on the mystery, her pal John wondered:

“What if someone’s living in there right now?”

Or some… thing! *Shudders*

Hartscoe, however, knew she had to explore the unknown. She said:

“The weirdest part about this is that they didn’t fill it in on either side of this hole. I have to go in, and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom.”

So, gurl geared up with a face mask, gloves, sneakers, a flashlight on her head, and a hammer (you never know!), and shimmied her way through the hole in the wall. The final video showed Hartscoe wandering around the “whole other apartment,” which was unfinished.

Although the “freezing” place looked abandoned, she found trash bags and a water bottle as apparent “signs of life.” She also smartly locked what seemed to be the front entrance of the apartment.

The last video cut to the hero back in her digs, where she joked:

“My landlord is getting a really fun phone call tomorrow!”

Naturally, viewers responded to the jaw dropping video with horror and dismay, with making comparing the empty apartment behind the mirror to the classic horror flick Candyman. Users wrote:

“Me watching that women climb through her apartment bathroom mirror on Tiktok knowing Candyman is on the other side”

“Gen Z needs to watch Candyman, apparently”

“Someone has clearly not watched CANDYMAN

We’re glad she made it out alive!

See the story unfold for yourself (below).


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