Nick Cordero’s Wife Says He Had a ‘Good Day’ During Hospital Visit Amid Health Battle

Nick Cordero is making some improvement.

The 41-year-old Broadway star, who has been battling for his life for months in the hospital amid complications due to coronavirus, was “very responsive” during a visit from wife Amanda Kloots, she revealed on Tuesday (June 23).

He was not only able to move his eyes, but also regained some use of his jaw.

“I asked if he could move his jaw, and he was able to move his jaw a little bit…so, good day,” she explained during an Instagram Live session with fans.

His weak blood pressure, however, remains “a little bit of an issue.”

“Our goal is to try to strengthen his body. He’s very, very, very weak after laying in the ICU bed for 83 days,” she revealed, adding that he’s unable to cough.

Nick isn’t strong enough to cough. Because Nick can’t cough because he isn’t strong enough…he can’t get all that stuff in the bottom of his lungs out. And when [the doctors] go down there to clean his lungs out, they can’t get down there enough either. So there could be some underlying infection still in that deep, deep, low part of his lungs,” she explained.

“It’s crazy how slow this is. It’s a marathon, and I’m not done running my marathon. If we’re only on mile 1, then bring on every other mile. But that’s how slow things are moving, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the day-to-day support coming my way with this,” she went on to say.

She recently shared a photo from a visit to the hospital, holding his hand in a new photo.

We are wishing the best to Nick in his continued recovery.

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