Nick Jonas To Become Comic Book Inspiration

Nick Jonas is about to become an inspiration to an untold number of kids, because his life story is about to be memorialized in a new comic book.

The comic book — which we’re told has not been approved by or worked on with Nick or his  team — will drop next month … this according to Darren G. Davis at TidalWave Productions. It’s 26 pages long, and it orbits around Nick’s accomplishments and struggles.

The book centers around Nick’s drive to become an accomplished singer and star while he battled a serious disease — type 1 diabetes, which he disclosed to the world in 2007.

The comic book starts with Nick’s rise to fame with the Jonas Bros. The group was incredibly popular but busted apart within a matter of a few years. Lots of folks wrote Nick and his brood off for good, but Nick wasn’t about to wave the white flag.

The comic book then hones in on Nick’s plan to become a solo artist … something that lots of people in the music industry thought was a non-starter. Nick proved them wrong with “Jealous,” and it cemented him as a lone singer.

Of course, the Jonas Bros. got back together and became more popular than ever. And, don’t forget Nick also became a movie star with the blockbuster film “Jumanji.” He then married another movie star … the amazing Priyanka Chopra.

The hook — he did all this and he’s 28 years old.

TidalWave has entered these waters before, with a Dolly Parton comic book, so he’s in good company.

The comic will be available on Amazon for $6.99 when it drops April 21.

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