O.J. Simpson Mocks Donald Trump’s Disinfectants Comment In Hilarious TikTok Video — Watch

O.J. Simpson was one of the many celebrities who bashed President Donald Trump over his outrageous disinfectants comment.

Caution… LOL’s ahead! O.J. Simpson, 72, posted a hilarious TikTok video mocking Donald Trump‘s disinfectants comment on Friday, April 24. The 73-year-old has been endlessly slammed after he suggested during a press conference that people could inject bleach and disinfectants into their bodies as a way to cure the coronavirus. The song “Bad Medicine” by Bon Jovi appropriately played in the background of O.J.’s funny clip while he lined up a bunch of products like Clorox, Lysol and Raid to (jokingly) test drive. He at one point sprayed the Lysol can into his mouth and tried it out before realizing how gross it was. The footage, called “Household Cures”, has already been liked almost 6,000 times and has close to 1,000 comments on it!

Speaking of Lysol, they actually released a statement on the matter shortly after Trump’s words left his mouth. “As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route). As with all products, our disinfectant and hygiene products should only be used as intended and in line with usage guidelines. Please read the label and safety information.”

O.J. is far from the only celebrity who has slammed the President for his words surrounding the topic. Former Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, 24, begged her fans to not drink bleach in an Instagram story where she was seen in bed just waking up and wiping her hand across her eyes to refresh herself. “Good morning everyone. Don’t drink bleach like Donald Trump says. He’s a f**king moron,” she said.

Our presumed Democratic 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden, 77, tweeted out something similar the same day, “I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t drink bleach.” Trump’s baffling remarks came after Homeland Security official Bill Bryan presented research showing that UV rays from sunlight, as well as basic disinfectants like bleach and alcohol, could kill coronavirus on surfaces.

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