Paula Abdul Removes ‘Too Big’ Breast Implant by Undergoing Revision Surgery

The former ‘American Idol’ judge and former cheerleader for Los Angeles Lakers tells Dr. Jacob Unger that she wants to have the medical procedure because the implants hurt her back.

AceShowbizPaula Abdul has undergone breast revision surgery. On the reason why she took the medical procedure, the former “American Idol” judge and dancer divulged that her previous implants were “too big.”

The 58-year-old singer opened up about her decision when speaking to Dr. Jacob Unger. In a clip shared on Instagram account of InMode, a medical company where she is a brand ambassador, she said, “With my height, I’m petite, I started with smaller breasts and about 20-plus years ago I had implants put in, and the more I was dancing the harder it was getting on my back.”

“As the years go by, gravity happens too, and I just always felt like [they were] a little too big for my frame,” the former cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers continued. “And I wanted to get the old implants out.”

When discussing the procedure further with Dr. Jacob, Paula admitted to feeling both “nervous” and “excited” at his plans to “reshape the breasts very well and get the best overall shape and contour to match [her] frame.” She exclaimed, “I’m very excited… This is going to be great.”

Paula previously underwent plastic surgery with InMode to tighten the skin on her arms. “I wanted to do something for myself,” she spilled to PEOPLE in 2019. “I’ve had multiple spinal cord injuries and paralysis, and because my arms had paralysis, the muscles atrophied. I work out a lot, and no matter how many times I hit the gym and did bicep and tricep workouts, it was always difficult because I had to rebuild muscle tissue.”

Paula clarified that she went under the knife to enhance her natural looks instead of pretending she hasn’t aged. “I feel like I’m aging as gracefully as one can be, with a healthy outlook,” she noted. “Dancing with passion everyday keeps that going. Aging is inevitable, and I haven’t really put too much pressure on it.”

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