Penny Lancaster: Rod Stewart’s wife’s blunt comment amid ‘body shaming weight change’

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The ‘Loose Women’ panelist recently explained that she “body shamed” herself into losing 17lb (1st 3lb) by taking a photograph of her stomach during lockdown. Lancaster admitted she had piled on the pounds due to her “anxiety and fears” about coronavirus and had used food to deal with the menopause. The 49-year-old previously spoke out about the pressure to be a smaller size while in the modelling industry and the joys of gaining weight after she had two children with Sir Rod. But in unearthed accounts, Lancaster revealed another side to her battle with food that revolved around comments to her children. 

Lancaster candidly spoke out about her difficulties with weight during an episode ‘Loose Women’, where she admitted she had put on more than two stone and decided to “ignore the scales”.

She boasted about being able to fit size 14 and 16 clothing and proudly proclaimed measurements “don’t bother me”. 

The 6ft 1in star claimed that the stress of being a slim model led her to be happier with a fuller figure because that time in her life was dominated by “losing weight to beat all the scales, all the time”.

In the 2017 episode of the ITV show, she said: “I’m not going to lie about it. I prefer to buy a size bigger, then I look small for the clothes. 

“I don’t have the motivation to go to the gym and friends say I have a ‘healthy appetite’… But I can get away with it, I’ve got broad shoulders and I wear the right clothes.”

Lancaster denounced claims in an article about her fitness regime that stated she worked out “five times-a-week” as lies and added: “I don’t!”

The following year, she claimed that giving birth to her two children Alastair and Aiden, now 14 and nine, led her to becoming 30lb (2st 2lb) heavier.

She confessed to having a “ravenous appetite” and added that her inability to “stop eating” even led her to finish her children’s meals.

Lancaster confessed: “When the kids were eating I would go ‘Oh, are you finished darling?’ and have a bit of that.”

She claimed that she found the extra weight “very difficult to shed” due to having “this habit of eating”.

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Despite her own fears about her attractiveness after she gained weight, Lancaster claimed that Sir Rod, now her husband of 13 years, was extremely supportive.

She recalled: “If he saw I was getting distressed, Rod would say ‘I love you just the way you are, if it’s upsetting you why don’t we go for a run?’

“He will be helpful to make me feel better about myself.”

Lancaster revealed that her difficulties with weight likely stemmed from her childhood, when classmates used to mock her for being “tall and skinny”.

She recalled: “When I was at school, I was bullied about being tall and skinny so I used to wear three pairs of tights to make my legs look fatter.

“And I used to gorge. I used to eat the packed lunch she made me, then I used to use my pocket money for school lunch. I used to eat as much as I could so I could get fat.”

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