Peter Kay shock: Comedian’s blunder during first date with future wife revealed

Peter Kay recently announced his return to television after it was confirmed that he will perform as part of the ‘The Big Night In’ later this month. The BBC fundraiser for Children in Need and Comic Relief, will tickle audiences stuck inside during the coronavirus lockdown. This will be one of the first times the star has stepped into the spotlight since announcing a break from stand-up in 2017. He cited “unforeseen circumstances” related to his family and cancelled all tour dates around the UK. The reason why is yet to be understood, as the comedian is famously known for keeping his family life private. Back in Bolton, his hometown, he savours a simpler life away from the busy showbiz world, in London. Little is known about his wife or their three sons due to the couple’s decision to shield them from media and public attention. But unearthed tales from Peter’s younger years reveal the Phoenix Nights’ star made a tragic mistake at the beginning of his relationship with Susan. 

At this time, Peter Kay had just been named ‘North West Comedian of the Year’ in 1996 – a massive achievement considering it was his second ever performance.

The stand-up success led him to secure several slots in comedy clubs and a few on television too. 

According to Johnny Dee’s 2006 book ‘That Peter Kay Book: The Unauthorized Biography’, the star couldn’t believe the money offered for him to perform. 

Peter Kay recalled: “I remember being told on the phone, ‘I can give you £30’, and thinking, ‘Bloody hell! £30 for 20 minutes. I used to work all week at the cinema for £42.50.’”

Despite his success and increasing wealth back then, the comedian decided to keep his ‘normal’ job because he felt it kept him grounded.

It was also there that he would pick out amusing incidents and anecdotes that would form his observational skits, sketches and comedy routine in the future.

Not only that, he would also meet future wife Susan Gargan while working at the cinema too. 

The pair got talking and later she decided to watch him perform at the Jabez Clegg club, in Manchester. 

Whatever he said that night was clearly a hit, as Susan went on a date with him the following evening.

But the beginnings of their courtship was soon about to be ruined by an unlucky misstep by the comedian. 

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While Peter and Susan started off the date at the Blackburn Ice Arena it wasn’t long before they ended up in the Accident and Emergency room. 

There in the casualty department of Blackburn Royal Infirmary they would spend “the bulk of the evening” after the star slipped and broke his arm. 

Despite being a somewhat rocky start to their relationship, it clearly didn’t put Susan off as the pair would marry in 2001. 

They now have three children together – Charlie Michael Kay, 15, and two others who they have kept hidden from the public eye.

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