Phyllis Somerville dead: The Big C and To Kill A Mockingbird actress dies aged 76

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Actress Phyllis Somerville has died aged 76. The star’s death was confirmed to Deadline news by her manager. 

The American actress died from natural causes at her home yesterday. 

In her 60-year career, she starred in the likes of Little Children, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Surviving Family, The Big C and Outsiders.

As well as her famous roles on-screen, Phyllis was also known for her work in Broadway.

She made her Broadway debut as Wilma in the musical Over Here! in 1974.

Most recently, Phyllis appeared on Broadway in the original cast of Aaron Sorkin’s 2018 adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Phyllis previously opened up about her role as Marlene in The Big C and the show’s approach to cancer.

Opening up in 2010 to AARP, she said: “I like humour that’s dark.

“Having had people in my family die, there was never a moment at any of the funerals where we didn’t get into some kind of giggle fit.

“When your emotions are that close to the edge, there has to be laughter. I think that’s really good theatre, and I think these scripts do that very well.”

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