Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Followed by Paparazzi in 'Near Fatal' 2-Hour Chase

Prince Harry must have had a bone-chilling case of deja vu Tuesday night after he and Meghan Markle were followed by paparazzi in what his people are calling a “near catastrophic” car chase.

As we reported, Meghan received an award at a ceremony earlier in the evening that Harry and Meghan’s mom attended, after which they left and got into an SUV followed by police. Apparently, that’s when the chase was on.

A spokesperson for Harry and Meghan said, “This relentless pursuit, lasting over 2 hours, resulted in multiple near collisions involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians and 2 NYPD officers.”

Harry Meghan and mom in taxi

At some point during the chase, the SUV pulled over and the trio jumped in a New York taxi and beat a hasty retreat. It looks like the cops tried to outwit the paps by driving in a different direction than the cab.

hulu INLINE-PROMO-Britney Spears

Sources say the paparazzi were in a half-dozen blacked-out vehicles, claiming the traffic violations included driving on the sidewalk, running red lights and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Princess Diana's car crash

This obviously brings back tragic memories of Harry’s mom, Princess Diana, who was killed in a 1997 crash where paparazzi chased her car in Paris.

Princess Diana's funeral

One of the searing images from the tragedy … 12-year-old Harry and his brother, 15-year-old Prince William silently walking behind her casket.

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