Prince Louis of Cambridge turns two years old & celebrates with new portraits

You may remember that I used to find Prince Louis of Cambridge rather hilarious. Much like Prince George’s babyhood, Prince Lou seemed like a stocky, chonky little thing. Unlike George, Lou always seemed to have an easy-going personality, even when he was just a baby. He just seemed rather chilled out, possibly in reaction to William & Kate’s more relaxed parenting style given that he is their third kid. I thought Lou was going to be different than his siblings and that he would look different. But no. It turns out that he looks a lot like George and Charlotte. And man, those Middleton genes are strong.

Prince Louis’s second birthday is today, and Kensington Palace celebrated by giving us new portraits of the littlest Cambridge. We haven’t seen any new photos of him in months, right? I believe the last time Kensington Palace posted photos of him (or allowed him to be photographed) was during one of Kate’s Keen Garden photo-ops last year. Lou was walking by then, but he still had a babyish look and he had light blonde hair. His hair got darker in a matter of months! Which happens sometimes. Kate also favors the swept-aside Bieber-bangs look for her sons – George had a similar hairstyle at Lou’s age. But yeah, I just see Middleton in him. He seems like the child who looks most like Kate? Louis 100% has Kate’s eyes. Sorry, I’m not trying to start a war in the comments – I know you bitches love to fight about who royal children look like. I’m just saying this boy is all Middleton and I’m walking away!

As for the rainbow paint, I thought perhaps the Cambridges were doing some sudden symbol of LGBTQ Pride (pride flags are rainbow flags), but probably not – the rainbow has been co-opted by British people during the pandemic. Kids are painting or drawing rainbows and posting them in windows or sharing them online. Some people are arguing that the rainbows are now a symbol of support for medical workers too.

The photos were all taken by Kate. She’s doing more of the outdoor photos with her kids now, have you noticed that? She doesn’t want us to see any of the Anmer Hall interiors! (Plus, the lighting is just better outside, I would imagine.)

We are pleased to share images ahead of Prince Louis’s second birthday tomorrow, taken by The Duchess this April.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 22, 2020

Thank you for your lovely messages on Prince Louis’s second birthday 🌈.

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 23, 2020

Photos courtesy of the Duchess of Cambridge for Kensington Royal.

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