Prince William hasn’t spoken to Harry ‘for some time’ & had no idea about the interview

Last November and December, royal reporters like Katie Nicholl were trying to convince people that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship was getting better now that they had gotten some physical, emotional and psychological space from each other. There were reports of Zoom calls, an exchange of Christmas presents and plans to spend time together once the pandemic was over. I never really believed any of those stories. I think Harry is still – justifiably – very angry at William. While there might be some olive branches offered, I suspect that Harry would probably be willing to meet William halfway, and William just fundamentally refuses. So this is where they are. Even the “royal sources” agree:

Prince William has been kept in the dark over Harry and Meghan’s explosive Oprah Winfrey interview as he has not spoken to his brother for ‘some time’, it emerged last night. There is mounting concern at what the Duchess of Sussex has revealed to the US chat-show host – who was reportedly told ‘nothing was off-limits’ – as the couple have not informed the Royal Family of the interview’s contents.

Winfrey and her production team are keeping a tight lid on Meghan’s revelations, with Harry appearing as the support act, after they filmed the couple at their £11 million home in California ten days ago.

A Royal source said: ‘Harry and William have not spoken for some time, and Meghan speaking about their relationship or relationships with the Royal Family to Oprah will not help matters. Things are still bad between them, although both want to repair that brotherly bond. William does not know what she has told Oprah, none of the Royal Family do. They will find out at the same time as everyone else, although I doubt they’ll watch it.’

Harry and Meghan, 39, who is expecting their second child, have not been paid for the interview, although it is not known whether they will receive a fee for the international rights or supplemental pictures or footage used within the two-hour programme. Royal biographer Hugo Vickers said: ‘I imagine the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will just have one long whinge to Oprah Winfrey. It’s all about their self-promotion.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“I imagine the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will just have one long whinge to Oprah Winfrey…” As opposed to the massive, salty whinge the British media will have following the interview, I’m sure. As for William and Harry… their relationship has bigger problems than the Oprah interview, the James Corden video or anything else. As I said, Harry seems perfectly willing to at least TRY to form some kind of functional relationship with his brother. That’s the Sussex branding: to be the bigger person, to make peace, as long as there is some kind of honesty or accountability. But William… well, he’s just such a f–king tool. And of course all of them will watch the Oprah special. Come on. We’ll be hearing from palace sources about You Know Who being incandescent with rage for WEEKS.

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