Queen Naija Responds to Backlash Over Past ‘Nappy Hair’ Comments: I’m Not Colorist

In a 2017 YouTube video, the RnB singer recalled being made fun as a child by the bullies, whom she called ‘nappy-headed little girls’, who were jealous of her hair.

AceShowbizQueen Naija has addressed the controversy surrounding her past racially offensive statements. It was recently brought to people’s attention after a Twitter user reported an old YouTube video featuring the R&B star talking about being bullied by “nappy-headed little girls.”

In the 2017 video, she recalled being made fun as a child by the bullies who were jealous of her hair. She also described her assailants as “black,” “ugly,” “nappy-headed” girls.

“So I found the video @QueenNaijaaa thinks that black girls with ‘terrible’ ‘nappy’ hair bullied her because she had ‘pretty’ hair,’ ” wrote the user in the caption. “Those are descriptors of how she felt about their hair in comparison to her own. I see the real problem a superiority complex & colorism.”

While Naija had addressed to the criticism back in 2018, she decided to defend herself once again on Instagram after the tweet went viral. “I have never been a colorist. I have never felt that I was better because I was light-skinned,” she said on Sunday, August 2.

“I feel like melanin’s beautiful… The words I have used in the past, they were probably ignorant. Not probably. They were ignorant. Back then, I didn’t know they were ignorant because that’s what I was just used to. I wasn’t that educated on my culture and wasn’t deeply rooted into it,” she explained.

Following her explanation, people jumped to her defense. “Why is she explaining herself or apologizing. we all talk shxt to each other when we’re arguing. PEOPLE ARE TOO SENSITIVE,” one fan wrote. One other added, “she said nappy headed girls n y’all immediately thought darkskin girls but she’s the colorist.”

Dragging other famous names in the matter, someone else commented, “Everybody steady bothering her but y’all forgave/forgot that 50 cent, Kodak black, Chris brown, lil Wayne, etc are colorist.” Echoing the sentiment, a person said, “Male artist have said waaay worst things about black women or just dark skin women but y’all don’t call them out.”

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