Queen’s corgis daily diet revealed – and it takes an entire team says Royal chef

A royal chef has revealed the strict diet consumed by the Queen's beloved corgis.

The 95 year old monarch has been utterly devoted to her loyal dogs, and they even provided her with comfort and affection following the passing of her husband Prince Philip last year.

And now Darren McGrady, who previously cooked at Buckingham Palace, Sandringham and Balmoral, has revealed that while Her Majesty eats whatever she desires during the day, her pet pooches have their menus composed by canine experts a month in advance.

McGrady revealed that Michelin-trained cooks prepare the animals' bowls of finely cut duck, rabbit and vegetables, with the menu for each day differing slightly.

"The Queen didn't have any advisers at all. I think the only real advisers were actually on the corgi menu," he told GB News.

"She would actually have people advising on what they're having, whether that was lamb, chicken, liver or beef."

In fact, the corgis' food is so sumptuous that previously former Labour Health Secretary Alan Johnson admitted that he accidentally at a biscuit that was made for the dogs while sitting next to the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth is a pup-mum to Muick and dorgi (a corgi-dachshund cross) Fergus, along with her elderly corgi Candy.

The Queen, who has had more than 30 dogs over the years, reportedly added two more corgi additions to the royal household last year and kept her company while her beloved husband was in hospital before he passed away.

Muick and Fergus are said to have brought "lots of noise and energy" into the castle while Philip stayed in the hospital.

Queen Elizabeth is so in love with her pups that she previously admitted: "My corgis are family".

Prince Philip himself once referred to her method of solace as his wife's "dog mechanism".

The Queen has loved corgis since she was a child. And corgis have played a huge part in the Queen's life since the 1950s, when she began to oversee a corgi breeding program, which was based on the grounds of Windsor castle.

Her purebred pups were registered under the affix of Windsor, but she never allowed any of her own corgis to compete at dog shows, nor has she sold one.

But, Queen Elizabeth has given many of her pups away as gifts.

It was reported in 2015 Queen Elizabeth stopped breeding the corgis, so she didn't leave any behind when she passed.

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