Rachel Lindsay Reacts to The Bachelorette Poster: WTF is That?!?

Rachel Lindsay is once again making her voice heard when it comes to The Bachelorette.

And said voice remains very negative these days.

Late last week, ABC announced that Clare Crawley will premiere as the Season 16 lead on Tuesday, October 13.

While most fans were focused on this date and preparing to find out what the heck is about to transpire between Crawley, her reported leaving of the series and Tayshia Adams being brought on board as her replacement…

… Lindsay honed in on something else.

She had a lot to say about the following poster, which producers used to confirm the show’s return.

The scene, as you can see above, features Clare in jeans and a blazer.

She’s leaning against a wall, while in the foreground, a man is putting on a sock.

If this image looks familiar… it’s because the poster is based on the movie poster for The Graduate, a film that came out in 1967 and which introduced the world to Dustin Hoffman.

The movie centers on an affair between 21-year-old Benjamin (Hoffman) and the much older Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft).

Eventually, Benjamin falls for Mrs. Robinson’s far more age-appropriate daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross) and the iconic flick concludes with Benjamin and Elaine running off together.

Ever since the movie’s release, the term/name “Mrs. Robinson” has become synonymous with an older woman who seduces a younger man.

The Bachelorette producers likely thought this would be cute and/or apt because Crawley in ancient — by Bachelor Nation standards.

She’s 39 years old.

Lindsay, meanwhile, admitted on the latest episode of EW Live on Sirius XM, that she hasn’t seen The Graduate.

And yet she still took major issue with this ad campaign and its accopanying theme.

“I didn’t like it,” she said on air.

“I didn’t understand it and I don’t think we should be questioning what the ad is and that’s what we are talking about more than we are about her and her season, ’cause I’m excited for Clare. I’ve been a big proponent of her.

“I’m not sure how all of this goes down with all the rumors that are going around but I am excited for Clare and for her to have this moment.”

It’s about time, The new Bachelorette poster teases, making a reference, we assume, to an older woman being in charge on the program for a change.

Lindsay, of course, knows all about change because she was the first Black woman to ever be cast as The Bachelorette.

Told on the aforementioned show about the plot of The Graduate, Lindsay reacted in even greater shock and disgust.

“That’s the movie?!” she said to host Jessica Shaw, laughing.

“Okay, I’m watching it tonight. What?! Now I’m hot. I gotta call somebody. I did not realize that. OK, now I’m a little bothered.”

Lindsay has been an outspoken critic of The Bachelorette for awhile now.

She has talked in detail about the racism she experienced while on the show and has also said that casting Matt James as The Bachelor isn’t enough to make up for all of the program’s many past mistakes.

Crawley, for her part, told Good Morning America in March that she thought her age would help her be more discerning when giving out roses as The Bachelorette.

Explained the hairstylist back then:

“I feel like a lot of people put [age] out there as this negative thing, but for me, it just is more years under my belt, more learning and knowing what I want, what I don’t want and what I won’t settle for.

“I want a man who is strong, who is willing to take off the body armor, open himself up and be vulnerable.

“I think that [shows] some serious strength right there, so I want a man who can do that.”

And, as The Bachelorette spoilers have teased for weeks now, this man is apparently Dale Moss.

The 39-year old and this suitor allegedly fell in love after barely two weeks of filming. Hence, why Crawley decided to leave the series instead of pretending she had difficult decisions to make between contestants as the season went along.

Heck, Crawley and Moss may even be engaged!

Crazy, right?

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