Ree Drummond's Christmas Baking Commentary Is Really Bothering Viewers

The Pioneer Woman, better known as Ree Drummond to fans of the Food Network, is one of the biggest celebrity chefs in the world. Ree Drummond, who films episodes of her popular cooking show from her family’s ranch in rural Oklahoma, is known for her down-home recipes, her love of butter, and her series of bestselling cookbooks.

In addition to starring in her own series, she has guested on many other Food Network programs, including the new season of Christmas Cookie Challenge. Although some of her fans love The Pioneer Woman’s work on the series, a few have taken issue with her judging style — and recently took to Reddit to discuss the feedback that she gives to contestants. 

How did Ree Drummond become famous?

Ree Drummond was born in Oklahoma and studied journalism before moving to California. She graduated from college in 1991, and intended to go on to form a high-powered law career.

But her plans changed when she met rancher Ladd Drummond. The two married and settled on his ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

In short order, the couple welcomed four children. Looking for a creative outlet, Ree Drummond launched a blog in 2006, titled The Pioneer Woman.

Her blog became hugely popular with readers all around the world. Her focus on homeschool life, raising a family, and most prominently, on cooking simple, delicious meals, resonated with many.

In 2009, she published her first book. That first book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl, was a resounding success, and Ree Drummond followed it up with a slew of other bestselling cookbooks. 

Ree Drummond is a guest host on ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge’

In April 2011, Ree Drummond launched her own Food Network cooking show, The Pioneer Woman. Viewers gravitated to her easy, approachable manner right away, and many loved the way that she focused on quick, comfort-food style meals.

It was her television show, more than anything else, that has fueled Ree Drummond’s media empire. In recent years, the home chef has launched a line of food products, cookware, and a lifestyle magazine.

In addition to her own cooking show, she has made appearances on many other Food Network programs, either as a judge, presenter, or guest chef. Most recently, Ree Drummond has been appearing on the new season of the Food Network series Christmas Cookie Challenge, with fellow celebrity chef Eddie Jackson.

While the show has proven to be quite popular, some fans have taken issue with the feedback that she gives to contestants. 

What do fans think about Ree Drummond’s commentary on ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge’?

Recently, fans took to Reddit to sound off on Ree Drummond’s judging style on Christmas Cookie Challenge.

“I’ve been watching the Christmas cookie challenge for years now. I find myself getting really annoyed about the lack of inclusion of other cultures,” the original poster said. “When someone from the Ukraine for example uses more of a soft pink and navy blue colour palette, Ree says something like this just isn’t Christmas to me.”

Other fans chimed in, with one stating: “If they wanted her narrow view of Christmas they should have given her a Christmas show at her own home rather than the judge of a show where people are going to think differently than her. She just doesn’t have an open enough view for it.”

Another poster remarked: “If you’re a judge you should definitely at least be as receptive to other cultures and interpretations of holiday celebrations as your own. What is “Christmas” to one person isn’t “Christmas” to another and I don’t think that’s much to ask.”

Ultimately, Ree Drummond remains a fan-favorite for many, but it does seem as though she is making waves amongst viewers of Christmas Cookie Challenge.

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