Reed Horstmann Discovered Acting Was a Career in a Hilarious Way

When Reed Horstmann was a little kid, he thought all movies were real!

The The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia actor just spilled about the hilarious story of how he discovered acting was a career and knew he wanted to pursue it.

Reed also told JJJ about his athletic background, his unpopular favorite musician and his best bithday ever.

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Reed:

  • I’ve played guitar for 5 years. The first song I ever learned was probably “TNT” by AC/DC.
  • My favorite way to listen to music is through vinyl records; Van Halen 1 is my current favorite.
  • When I was younger, I used to have an old school Bieber haircut and glasses…not my finest look.
  • Unpopular opinion: I think country music is awesome, especially older country. Johnny Cash was one of my favorite artists as a youngster, and he still is today.
  • When I was little, I never understood the concept of acting. To me, everything I saw in a movie or show was 100% real. This was how I thought for years. It wasn’t until I was about five or six that I figured it out. When I was very young my dad showed me the Star Wars films; my favorite character was Han Solo. When I got a bit older, I saw the first Indiana Jones movie. I was immediately confused because why was Han Solo in this movie? My parents had to explain to me that he’s just an actor playing a role. This absolutely shattered me but was fascinating at the same time. I guess that was the beginning of my interest to become an actor.

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  • I used to be hugely into sports as a kid. I played football, baseball, I swam, and I was a competitive fencer for three years. While fencing I think I was tied for second place in the state of Colorado.
  • When I was six. my family and I went on a tour of Ireland. We stopped in all the big cities and villages, ate in popular pubs and restaurants, saw my family’s ancestral home, and went to a massive family reunion. The funny part about the reunion was that I didn’t know that it was a reunion at all. I just thought we were eating at this massive place with all these people that seemed to know us. I found out later that all those people we my extended cousins; my mind was blown.
  • For my thirteenth birthday I saw AC/DC in concert. It was a very full circle moment since they were really the first band I ever heard. The best part happened after the show. This guy was carting out rig gear to the back of the stadium and stopped in front of my brother and me. The man asked if we enjoyed the show, to which with both responded yes, and he gave us two guitar picks. These weren’t your average souvenir guitar picks; they were used by Angus Young himself! You could tell because they were chipped and bent, and one had a little blood on it. Best birthday gift ever.
  • A couple years ago one of my good friends turned 16, and we wanted to get him a good gift from all of us. So, we all pitched in and bought him a live lobster. The lobster was named Larry, and he was the mascot of our friend group.
  • I’m not someone who enjoys horror movies. So, since my friends knew that, they built up how scary the movie The Shining was. When we finally all watched it together, I was so paranoid that I literally brought a nerf gun as protection. Turns out the movie wasn’t that bad.

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