Rege Jean-Page hated wearing armor for D&D: Youre hot all day. You cant sit down

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves premiered this past weekend. And it opened at number one, pulling in $38 million. That’s really good for a movie based on a game, right? Or is it video game movies that don’t typically do well? Anyway, the most handsome man in the world, Rege-Jean Page, suffered for beauty in the movie. He had to wear armor and said he had the most uncomfortable outfit of all the actors in the movie.

Regé-Jean Page did not roll a nat 20 when it came to his Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves costume.

The actor, who plays perfect paladin Xenk, claims that out of all his castmates in the film — who included Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Pine, Sophia Lillis, Justice Smith, and Hugh Grant — he had the “most uncomfortable outfit” of all.

“I made the Robert Downey Jr. mistake,” Page joked during an interview with BBC Radio 1 for the new movie adaptation of the classic tabletop game, referring to how Downey Jr. once said he avoided donning the Iron Man suit in later Marvel film installments. “Like, filming in armor is not where you want to be.”

He continued, “You’re hot all day. You can’t sit down. The sweat goes nowhere — it just kind of hangs out. It becomes a scuba suit, just with your own juices. It was delicious.”

Rodriguez, who was doing the interview with him, then voiced her disgust for the soupy suit.

When Radio 1 interviewer Ali Plumb noted that, at the very least, his character’s full armor featured some impressive 10-pack abs hammered into its exterior, Page replied that it was very much part of the deal.

“That’s in my contract,” he teased. “It didn’t before. It does now.”

In fact, forget the once-revered six-pack — Page wants to have a 12-pack of abs in a future film, adding, “We have the technology.”

Page previously reflected on his D&D garb during an interview with Variety at the 2023 Oscars last month.

“Everything’s kind of digging into your ribs. You’re trying do these complicated fight sequences and nothing moves quite how it’s meant to,” he explained. “Chain mail, plate armor? None of this is made for comfort.”

While his shiny suit might have been a bit clunky, Page has at least found comfort in how the fantasy epic resulted in him getting insanely sculpted glutes.

“Coming into this, I got really, really good with the swords,” he said during the film’s recent Comic Con panel. “It was lots and lots of stunts training, so my thighs were killing me and I had the best ass of my life. It was just the best time you could possibly imagine on this job. I spent time training and slaying dragons.”

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I mean, Rege-Jean looked really good in the costume. But he always looks good! Now he knows what the ladies go through in their corsets and other costumes. No, but really actors do always say how uncomfortable armor costumes are. I’m surprised they haven’t yet found a solution to accommodate the men. But maybe they can’t get it to look realistic without being uncomfortable? Anyway, the sweatiness of the costume sounds rather disgusting. His description of just hanging out in his own sweat — yuck. I can’t even bring myself to type the second half of that quote. Hopefully they had a lot of copies of that costume because it probably didn’t smell great. The abs were on the outside of the armor, but sweating so much inside it probably helped with some real life abs too. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but it’s on my list. It looks funny, and the cast is good (and random).

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