‘RHOBH’ Producer Yells At Denise Richards In Never-Before-Seen Season 10 Clip — Watch

A ‘RHOBH’ producer yelled at Denise Richard to ‘get back to reality’ in a charged interaction after she tried saying ‘Bravo, Bravo, Bravo’ to presumably get a scene cut.

Denise Richards, 49, had a salty interaction with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producer Chris Cullen after Kyle Richards, 51, accused her of “lying” about her schedule. Kyle specifically called out Denise for claiming she “worked” on the day of Teddi Mellencamp’s “All In” wellness retreat — which Denise later admitted to on-camera. “Are we gonna do this now Kyle? Really, Kyle?” Denise said during a dinner, as Kyle responded ”I thought you told us, honestly, you didn’t work.”

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During the interaction, Denise then yelled “Bravo, Bravo, f—— Bravo,” presumably to make the scene difficult for RHOBH editors to work around. “I’m not f—— doing this…What do you care? No, there’s not another story. … Bravo, Bravo, f—— Bravo. I am not doing this, you guys,” the Bold & the Beautiful star said. In a newly seen unaired version, Denise then called upon showrunner Chris to get involved. “I’m done, guys. Kyle, we’re not doing this…I am going to go nuts. I need Chris Cullen or I’m out. You are doing this on purpose. Guys! You’re part of this production,” she then said.

Chris — who has been a producer on RHOBH since it started in 2010 — then appeared on camera. “Denise, you worked in the morning and you came late. We know it all,” he snapped at her, standing behind Kyle. ”Don’t worry about it. Get back to reality!” Chris — clad in a black t-shirt and jeans — then added before storming away.

Kyle attempted to reassure Denise that the series wouldn’t attempt to misrepresent what happened. “They’re not going to do something like that to you. I’m not here to make up something or make it look like you did something you didn’t do,” the brunette reasoned. Despite Kyle’s comments, Denise still felt that her co-star was trying to “set” her up and “make” it look like she was “lying” in a confessional interview.

Longtime friend Lisa Rinna, 57, blasted Denise in a confessional of her own. “On a reality show you just don’t do that,” Lisa said, referencing Denise’s “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” comment. “You’re not an actor. You’re yourself. Sharing. Your. Life. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t f—— do it…it’s a control thing….This is Denise Richards saying, ‘I’m a movie star’ and if she doesn’t wanna do it, she doesn’t wanna do it,” the Days of our Lives alum explained.

Garcelle once said she would leave the Housewives franchise if @deniserichards did. So is our girl returning next season?

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Erika Girardi, 49, also backed up Lisa’s thoughts in her own confessional. “I mean, are there two sets of rules here? One for Denise and one for the rest of us? What is it that she thinks is going to happen when she yells ‘Bravo, Bravo, Bravo’,” Erika said. “Look, there’s no script here. There is no stopping. There is no starting. We can’t even pee!” she added.

Following a dramatic season, Denise confirmed she wouldn’t be returning to the Bravo series. “I had a great first season. The second season was challenging,” Denise said on The Real. “I just thought it was the right time for me to go and to just keep focusing on the other projects that I have. I had a great time. I will always be a fan and I will continue to support the show,” she also said.

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