Richard Osman: Pointless presenter speaks out after ‘non-stop’ messages ‘Please forgive me

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Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong have hosted Pointless on the BBC for more than a decade. Now the presenters have revealed the impact the coronavirus lockdown has had on the show and their lives.

So if I haven’t replied to your email, please forgive me

Richard Osman

The former, 49, asked for fans’ forgiveness after getting a new request “non-stop” behind-the-scenes.

The television producer remarked on what the nation were entertaining themseleves with during the pandemic.

When asked if they were constantly being asked to host quizzes at the moment, they confirmed it was very much the case.

Alexander, 50, told this week’s Radio Times: “Yeah – are you, Rich?”


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He replied: “Literally non-stop. It’s as if someone’s thought of it for the first time. I do charity ones and I do for people I know, but I get asked a lot.

“So if I haven’t replied to your email, please forgive me.”

The duo went on to discuss if they have taken part in many themselves as the nation goes quiz crazy.

“Yes. I love it,” Richard continued. “It’s always more fun to play. My favourite bit of any quiz show development is the bit at the beginning where you’re the competitor.

“People think you’re going to be cleverer than you are, but that’s about the only downside.”

Alexander said: “I’m so much less well informed when it’s not Pointless-type questions. And on Pointless I’m very selective. If I ever volunteer an answer it’s because I know it, and if I don’t know it, I won’t catch Rich’s eye.

“Some of the names that come up – they might be Dutch footballers or tennis players from the 70s – I listen very carefully and then repeat the noise I think I heard.”

He then seemingly quipped about the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? cheating scandal: “If they coughed as they said it, I would probably also cough.”

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Meanwhile, during the intervew, Richard and Alexander remarked on how they were “surivivng” lockdown.

The latter said he was enjoying “getting his head back into family life” and spending plenty of time in the garden.

His colleague is much busier, and has been focusing on writing his second novel.

Richard stated: “I’m doing what I thought I’d be doing, except I’m wearing gloves more often than I imagined.”

Read the full interview in Radio Times [RADIO TIMES]

It comes after Richard admitted he found his first appearance on Pointless “awful”, as the star opened up about how he felt when he moved from being a producer to a presenter.

The television personality began his career working as an executive producer on several British game shows, but he arrived on-screen for the first time to present the quiz in 2009.

Speaking about his move during an appearance on The Rehearsal Room podcast with Yasmeen Khan, Richard revealed he found it “awful” to begin with.

Read the full interview in the Radio Times – out now.

Pointless continues today with a celebrity edition at 7.55pm on BBC One.

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