Rihanna praised for raising awareness about Myanmar military coup

Rihanna has been applauded for speaking out about the military coup in Myanmar and the farmers protest in India.

The Work singer took to social media on Tuesday to address the devastating events in South Asia and called for action. 

‘Why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest,’ Rihanna, 32, tweeted in reference to the protests in New Delhi, India. 

She added: ‘My prayers are with you #myanmar!’ in response to a tweet from Human Rights Watch which read: ‘Quote of the Day, by @TiranaHassan The situation in #Myanmar requires an urgent response from the international community.’ 

In Myanmar, the armed forces has taken control of the country leading to a year-long state of emergency. The political unrest has been caused by the general election results which declared Ms Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party victorious. 

The military supported the opposition who made claims of widespread voter fraud, which has been disputed by the election commission. 

Protests have erupted in New Delhi over three new farm reforms that were introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in September. The farmers believe the new laws will hurt their livelihoods and benefit large private produce buyers. 

Sky News reported that the Internet and local messaging services had been blocked in areas on the outskirts of New Delhi. 

Rihanna was praised for her efforts in raising awareness about the crises, with one fan replying: ‘Thank you for speaking up rih!’ 

Another follower agreed: ‘Thank you @rihanna for raising and supporting farmers.’ 

‘Many many thanks dear @rihanna for this tweet! Truth must prevail,’ another said. 

One fan defended Rihanna against claims she was tweeting about the events as a PR stunt, questioning: ‘Why are people upset that Rih is bringing awareness to this??’ 

Rihanna recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of her last album, Anti, as fans anxiously await her new music.

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