Rita Ora Covers Herself in Gold In ‘How To Be Lonely’ Music Video – Watch Here!

Rita Ora is covered in gold in the official music video for her new single “How To Be Lonely“!

The track, co-written by Lewis Capaldi, is the first solo single from the 29-year-old singer since the release of her album, Phoenix, last year.

When discussing the concept of the video, director Dave Meyers, stated, “This video explores abstractly the emotions one feels when going through a breakup. It’s anger, longing, comfort, retreat, falling, and of course loneliness. Ultimately suggesting that this is a necessary healing process that leads to the reawakening of one’s true self.”

“Right now, it seems we are all trying to figure out how to find strength on our own,” Rita said in her statement. “Many of us are separated from those we care about and aren’t used to being by ourselves. In a time when everything seems to be so uncertain, I hope this song brings comfort and connection to those who need it. We will get through this together. Stay home and stay safe everyone.”

Watch Rita Ora’s new music video below…

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