Rosemarie Vega: 90 Day Fiance Star Vows to EXPOSE Ed Brown as a Liar!

Last week, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Rosemarie Vega trashed Ed Brown for being a liar — to her and to fans.

Now, she is threatening to shine a light upon the truth of everything that went on between them.

“I might be poor,” Rosemarie Vega begins a recent Instagram post.

She continues: “But I [was] raised to always tell the truth and be respectful of others!”

‘But,” Rosemarie affirms, “I also know when enough is enough.”

“Watch me,” she encourages her fans and followers, “as I speak the truth soon!”

What she is teasing is a YouTube channel of her own, and in her captions, she says more.

“Everything has a limit!” Rosemarie writes in a message clearly aimed at Ed.

“I forgive all your insults to my personality,” she tells him.

“But when you make lies, it’s no longer humane,” Rosemarie concludes.

“Yes queen, speak the truth,” one fan writes in the replies.

Another praises: ““Yes queen, I’m glad you’re standing up for yourself”

Others responded with similar applause, or with encouraging and affectionate emojis.

A growing number of fans are disgusted by Ed Brown and are firmly Team Rosemarie.

Last month, Rosemarie went on an impassioned tirade on Instagram Live.

There, she went off on Ed, who had been making his own statements and claims in a round of interviews ever since he got his face on TV.

She was tired about his claims of being nice to her and supportive of her.

In fact, Rose accused him of using her for fame, and never having loved her at all.

She is not the only one of accusing him of being a desperate-for-fame douchecanoe.

Ed declared himself to be the “most authentic” 90 Day Fiance star in the history of the franchise.

This really struck a nerve with not only fans, but members of the cast of the show.

They warned him to not get too full of himself, because many stars have had their turn in the spotlight during the course of this franchise.

Frankly, Ed’s real worst enemy isn’t a powerful takedown by Larissa Lima or Tim Malcolm or even his ex, Rosemarie.

His biggest enemy is himself, because viewers are getting to see him on the show.

They watched with horror as he interrogated Rosemarie about her sexual history.

Viewers watched him insult her breath, seemingly ignore her son, Prince, and most of all, they watched him lie to her.

Ed told Rosemarie two big lies, and acknowledged them both at the start of the season.

The first was about his appearance — he had told her that he was just above 5 feet tall. The truth is that he is just below it.

Some don’t consider that to be a huge deal. Some men think that it’s normal to lie about their height (that is so weird; don’t do it).

His other lie, however, goes to the very foundations of their relationship.

Ed is a 54-year-old man. His daughter is a grown adult, older by several years than Rosemarie.

Rosemarie is 23. And yes, that makes their age gap considerably older than she is.

Ed has known this whole time that he wants to get a vasectomy, that he is done having children.

Rosemarie went into this very honest about wanting two more kids. Ed strung her long for months, wasting her time for his own reasons. Gross.

It is exciting to hear that Rosemarie is planning to expose Ed.

We imagine that she will mostly have to wait until the season ends, for contractual reasons, and perhaps even beyond that.

But we are all interested in what she may have to say.

After all, Ed has been talking the ears off of any interviewer who will give him the attention that he craves. It’s Rose’s turn.

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