Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas emotionally confront their absent dad: ‘He left us for years’

Ryan Thomas is set to confront his once-absent father alongside his brothers Adam and Scott in their new ITV documentary Absolutely India: Mancs In Mumbai.

The 35 year old former Coronation Street actor, who’s fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh recently gushed over how much their son Roman looks like him, has come together with his twin siblings Adam and Scott, both 31, to embark on an emotional journey to explore their Indian roots.

And in an emotional journey, the lads will confront their father Dougie James, who was the lead singer of ‘70s band Dougie James And The Soul Train, who toured with The Jackson Five, about his absence from their childhoods.

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Speaking to Star TV mag Ryan’s brother Adam, 31, said: “My dad left us for years when we were younger and then he came back into our lives and we never really talked about it.

“There were a lot of unanswered questions, which we touched on and I think we needed to. It got quite emotional.”

And Scott added: “It was unbelievable – we’ll never get that again. Even just three sons, as adults, spending time with their dad, is rare.

“Also my dad is 72 now, but he’s quite an old 72, he’s lived his life, so in a way we all saw this as our last little journey with our dad, which is quite sad, but it was so special.”

The three brothers had a complicated upbringing as their parents split shortly after twins Scott and Adam were born, which caused Dougie and their mother Gail to lose contact for many years.

Ryan explained: “The first time they were together again was for my 21st birthday, but my dad had to be on one side of the room and my mum on the other.”

While Scott added: “We’ve always lived a separate life with each of them. It was the norm for us.”

The new ITV series, called Absolutely India: Mancs In Mumbai, was filmed last year and sees the three brothers embarking on a journey around India with their father in tow to discover their roots.

Ryan, who recently opened up about the emotional trip to OK! magazine, stressed how important it was to discover more about their grandad for him, his brothers and his father, who knew very little about his own dad’s childhood.

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The actor explained: “He always referred to his dad as his hero. And the moment it hit him was when he went to where our grandad went to school. I said: 'Dad, this is the exact same playground that your dad played in when he was a child.'"

And Scott, who appeared on Love Island in 2016, added: “It really put things into perspective for him and for us. It was almost like a bit of therapy and it brought us closer together.”

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