Sailor Cook: ‘Everyone wants to get back to dressing outside of sweatpants’

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Christie Brinkley and her daughters, Sailor Cook and Alexa Ray Joel, are doing a new campaign for the brand Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. I like that brand, they’re so comfortable and flattering, although they’re on the pricier side. I have a couple of pairs that I got at Goodwill. (I try not to pay retail for clothing when I can help it.) You can see more photos from the shot on People’s site, where I first read this story. The woman gave some quotes on beauty and fashion that I wanted to talk about. People has a writeup but they didn’t include all the quotes from the video, so I’m just including those below. I’ve also embedded that video at the bottom.

Christie: If beauty doesn’t start in your heart and soul and include kindness it’s not lasting beauty. I always say to my girls ‘Bloom where you’re planted.’ “No matter what’s going in your life, there’s always something that you can appreciate about it.

Alexa: To me beauty is being creative, it’s freedom of expression and my mom has that bohemian spirit that she imparted to my siblings and me.”

Sailor: Post-covid everyone sort-of wants to get back into the groove of dressing actually outside of sweatpants and these are a great middle ground. If I can move, I can dance, I can do things in my jeans, I’m happy.

[From YouTube video via People]

I know Kaiser loves sweatpants! She especially loves the Old Navy kind and my friend Karen swears those are the best too. They had a half off sale recently that was such a bargain. I’ve been living in leggings over lockdown. I bought so many Lularoe (not Lululemon, those are a fortune) cute patterned leggings on eBay and have been wearing those. They’re super comfortable and because they’re an MLM company that saturated the market their clothes are easy to find. They have really flattering dresses too! I disagree with Sailor that everyone wants to get back to dressing in non-sweatpants outfits. While I do in a way, I’m going to wear leggings more overall. I know a lot of people who love that casual style and it works for them.

Getting back to jeans, this is a smart ad campaign. I need new jeans because most of my old ones don’t fit anymore. I’m trying to get back to my last size but that’s slow going. By emphasizing that we should wear flattering comfortable jeans they’re giving us a gentle reality check that we need to buy new ones. *sigh*

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