Sandra Lee Starts Cleanse After Gaining 30 Pounds Last Year

Sandra Lee is ready to get back on track in the new year! The 54-year-old famed chef took to Instagram on Monday to share that she’s starting off 2021 with a cleanse after gaining 30 pounds last year. 

“As far as I know 2020 was not a great health year for anyone-except for my new Health Hero – Rebel Wilson,” Lee captioned a selfie, referencing the 40-year-old Australian actress’ Year of Health and subsequent 60-pound weight loss. “Personally over the last year I gained 30 pounds and weighed in at 170 two days before Christmas— None of my clothes fit and worse I feel terrible.”

The 5’9″ star said she feels her best at around 140 pounds, and wants to get back to a healthy place. 

“So on Christmas day I started a new regime…no alcohol-there was no ‘cocktail time’ NOT EVEN NEW YEARS EVE (surprisingly it’s not killing me), no red meat (that’s tough but I am not even craving it), very very few carbs, lots of vegetables and berries, banana, watermelon, avocado which I actually eat for dinner, fermented food think sauerkraut (with Dijon mustard) and I just love pickles, definitely eggs, soups with low sodium broth‘s……. Coffee, tea (to get back to me-I need my caffeine) oh and lots of water ……….A LOT!” Lee added of her new regimen.

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She also revealed that she’s supplementing with vitamins, which she’s been taking since last March, and that she’s on the Nutriclean cleanse. 

The new routine has helped her to lose 10 pounds since Christmas.  

“My energy isn’t super awesome though (1250 calories a day is tough – I LIKE TO EAT!). Tomorrow or the next day I’m going to go get a vitamin IV and hope that that helps a little bit,” Lee added. 

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