Sarah Ramos Recreates Classic Scenes from ‘Marriage Story’, ‘Riverdale’ & ‘A Cinderella Story’ and the Results are Better Than the Originals

Sarah Ramos is spending her quarantine time producing and starring in a comedic video series on Instagram called Quarantscenes, where she acts out scenes from iconic film and TV series. Check out our quick Q&A with the 28-year-old Parenthood actress and click inside to watch the hilarious impressions:

JJ: Your impressions are so good, they remind me of SNL‘s Chloe Fineman. Have you watched any of her quarantine videos?

SR: I love Chloe Fineman! She has definitely, even pre-SNL, been an inspiration to me on how to use Instagram to make actual art VS just posting thirst traps with witty captions. I just wish I had her wig collection in quarantine…

JJ: Who are some of the comedic actors that you look up to? Are there certain tips and tricks you’ve picked up from them?

SR: There are so many. Off the top of my head, I adore Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, Allison Janney, Kirsten Dunst… I gravitate toward actors who do a mixture of drama and comedy because for whatever reason most of the acting I’ve done in film & TV has been dramatic. Laura Dern has a great cry face. Kirsten Dunst and Allison Janney in Drop Dead Gorgeous taught me how to do a Minnesota accent. Reese has so many iconic performances but Election and Legally Blonde made me who I am today.

JJ: A bunch of your quarantine videos feature films that are “so bad they’re good”. What are some of your other favorite ones?

SR: I’ve tried to make these videos loving tributes to really memorable scenes that are important to my life. Some of the originals were well-received, some less so, and they all have special places in history! But I do love things other people think are bad. I love having fun with stuff that is usually taken really seriously. And of course I love anything that made sense at the time but 20 years later feels dated and insane, hence my obsession with the early 2000s.

Click inside to watch the best of Sarah Ramos’ “Quarantscenes”…


WATCH: Charlie & Nicole (Adam Driver & Scarlett Johansson) share their best fight scene from “Marriage Story”

BELOW: Sarah Ramos and Tavi Gevinson recreate “Marriage Story”

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The scene where Charlie (Adam Driver) tells Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) that he hopes she dies starring me & @tavitulle

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WATCH: Hilary Duff & Chad Michael Murray’s Locker Room Scene

BELOW: Sarah Ramos & Herself Recreate “A Cinderella Story”

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The scene where Sam (Hilary Duff) tells Austin (Chad Michael Murray) that waiting for him is like waiting for rain in this drought

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WATCH: Jughead and Betty (Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart) Almost Break Up

BELOW: Sarah Ramos & Herself Recreate “Riverdale”

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The scene from Riverdale where Jughead pushes Betty away because he’s a weirdo who doesn’t fit in and a damaged loner outsider from the wrong side of the tracks

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WATCH: Nomi & Crystal (Elizabeth Berkeley & Gina Gershon) Talk Eating Doggy Chow

BELOW: Sarah Ramos & Aubrey Plaza Recreate “Showgirls”

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The scene where Nomi & Cristal talk about eating doggy chow while drinking champagne starring me & @plazadeaubrey

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Watch more of Sarah‘s epic Quarantscenes on her Instagram page!

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