She isnt well Jonathan Ross daughter diagnosed with debilitating health condition

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Jonathan Ross, 60, has said that one of his three children has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a “long-term condition that causes pain all over the body”, as described by the NHS. The TV host spoke on Good Morning Britain today and shared how his family’s annual Halloween party had now been cancelled, so they can focus on caring for their daughter.

Ross said: “Really, it’s being cautious as much as anything.

“One of our children isn’t well, one of our children had Covid at the beginning of the pandemic and they thought she had long Covid, but it’s now been diagnosed as fibromyalgia which is quite debilitating, so she’s back home with us and we’re looking after her.

“She’s upstairs in the bedroom and I thought, ‘I can’t in good conscience have a big loud fun party downstairs and one of my children is locked in a room upstairs’. It would be like something out of a horror novel.

“So really, just out of a good conscience, we’re not going to do it, but hopefully next year we’ll be back.”

Ross shares three adult children with his wife Jane Goldman – Betty, 30, Harvey, 27, and Honey, 24.

He added that he did not want to host a coronavirus “superspreading event” and potentially disrupt the entertainment world.

“We always have a couple of hundred people to the party and as you know, about half of them are from showbusiness,” he added.

“So if we had a party and it spread through that, we’d probably wipe out half the shows on TV for the next couple of weeks which I would not want to be guilty of.”

Over the years, celebrity guests who have attended the Halloween bash have included actor Martin Freeman, TV presenter Holly Willoughby and comedian Jimmy Carr.

The presenter has hosted his comedy chat show, The Jonathan Ross Show, since 2011 and was recently a judge on The Masked Singer and The Masked Dancer UK.

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