Susanna Reid details ‘downright spooky’ experience during ‘awful’ cinema date

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Susanna Reid, 49, has been desperate to get back to normal ever since coronavirus plunged the UK along with the rest of the world into limbo. The Good Morning Britain host has been a stickler for following the rules put in place by the government, and when permitted to she allowed herself to enjoy one luxury.

It felt downright spooky, and the film wasn’t engrossing enough to make me forget the empty seats

Susanna Reid

The ITV presenter decided to whisk herself off to one of central London’s cinemas, to try and get back a little bit of life as she once knew it.

But it doesn’t look like she’ll be heading back to one anytime soon.

In her recent column for the Daily Mail, Susanna described the experience as “downright spooky”, as it felt she was walking into a “zombie apocalypse”.

Not what you want when you’re in a dark room!

“I went to see a movie in the West End last weekend for the first time since lockdown, and I’m sad to report it was awful,” she wrote.

“Tenet isn’t my kind of film, but there wasn’t much to choose from, and I was looking forward to the cinema experience I’ve missed: the buzz, the snacks, the anticipation in the darkness.

“Instead, on arrival, I felt like I was walking onto the set of a zombie apocalypse film.”

By visiting one of the city’s most popular theatres, she thought she’d be greeted with more of a crowd but it was far from what she expected.

“Barely 20 people were scattered throughout the 200-seat auditorium, even on a Saturday night,” she continued.

“It felt downright spooky, and the film wasn’t engrossing enough to make me forget the empty seats.”

And if that wasn’t enough, she grew frustrated with the constant face mask removing to make way for those snacks she was so looking forward to.

She said: “The rules stipulate wearing a mask at all times unless eating or drinking, which made the two-and-a-half-hour showing even more interminable.

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“I noticed the renegades in the audience slipped down their face coverings and sipped their Diet Cokes very, very slowly.”

It’s safe to say Susanna wasn’t impressed with the experience whatsoever.

During the first couple of weeks when lockdown was relaxed, the telly star explained that following the rules seemed to be becoming a more “lonely” place as people met up with friends, considering lockdown “pretty much over”.

“I can’t bring myself to join them,” she admitted. “This is where I am, and it feels like it’s becoming an increasingly lonely place.”

The host blamed the government for their vague strategies, claiming they’ve left people in “limbo”, unsure of what is right and what isn’t: “Am I the only one who’s still trying to follow all the rules?” she asked, after telling the story of her friend who had visited a garden party which hosted more people than the rules allow.

“I feel embarrassed to be such a stickler when I see the way some of my friends are relaxing their attitudes.”

But with the new rule of six introduced this week prompting panic that another lockdown is imminent, following the rules might not be such a bad idea after all.

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