Taylor McKinney: Drunk During Reunion Beef With Ryan Edwards’ Parents?

Whenever anyone talks about the season of Teen Mom OG that’s currently coming to an end, it’s not long before the conversation turns to Maci Bookout’s troubledex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards.

But thus far, the reunion specials have been dominated another man in Maci’s orbit, her husband Taylor McKinney.

Normally under the radar, Taylor has gained a lot of new fans over the past two weeks, and even more attention.

By standing up to Ryan Edwards’ parents, Jen and Larry, who have made it clear that they’ll always side with their son no matter how much horrid behavior he exhibits – Taylor won kudos from fans.

Ryan’s actions during the reunion were sadly on brand.

Like the petulant baby he so often resembles, Edwards, 33, threw a fit and refused to take the stage with Taylor and Maci.

This led to a situation in which the usually soft-spoken McKinney just went off on Ryan’s parents, Larry and Jen.

Now, before we go any further, we should point out that Taylor had every right to be angry at the Edwards family.

Every comment he made was 100 percent spot on.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Ryan is a loser deadbeat dad, and the fact that he’s responded to Taylor’s comments by throwing some shade of his own is pretty astonishing.

In the eyes of many observers, it serves as further proof that he deserved all of the shade that McKinney threw at him.

But whether you agree with Taylor or not, there’s no denying that his behavior was way out of character.

The most likely explanation was that he was driven into a rage by Ryan’s behavior and the fact his parents are still sticking up for him.

But a few fans suggested that Taylor might have been assisted by a little liquid courage.

“I don’t think Taylor was wrong, I do think he had been drinking and I think that’s why they left,” one viewer tweeted.

“When Maci pulls him back down to the couch the look he had for a moment and little stumble,” they continued.

“I’m probably wrong, but seemed like he pregamed.”

“But again, he made all good points.”

It’s no secret that Maci likes to drink, and her wedding to Taylor was practically Bud Light-themed.

But it doesn’t appear that either of them has a problem with booze.

That said, reality TV producers have been known to encourage stars to drink backstage at reunion shows in order to heighten the possibility of conflict.

Of course, Taylor could have been sober as a judge, and he still might have been driven over the edge by the insane comments made by Jen and Larry.

The most ridiculous, of course, was the Edwards’ claim that Taylor is jealous of Ryan.

We apologize if we just made you spit out your beverage laughing out loud.

“Further proof that Jen & Larry are delusional when it comes to Ryan…. Ryan jealous of Taylor?!” one Maci follower said.

“Ryan isn’t worth the air he breathes as a Dad,” the person added (we assume they meant ‘Taylor jealous of Ryan?!’).

Another said: “I’m honestly curious to know how/why Taylor is jealous of Ryan? Is Jen that far off her rocker?” 

“Jen and Larry need to get their heads out of Ryan’s ass and get a good look at what their son really is,” a third chimed in.

“HE’S AN ADDICT! And if they continue to enable him and make excuses for him, they will actually help him kill himself.”

“Stop blaming @MaciBookout.”

Yes, even if Taylor was a little tipsy on stage that night – and again, that’s a big “if” – it’s Ryan who has the real problem.

The guy has battled substance abuse for years.

And despite his many arrests and rehab stints, it seems that Jen and Larry are still in denial about that fact.

Of course, Ryan and his family have been fired from Teen Mom OG, as we’ve talked about at length in recent weeks.

While Mackenzie might pretend to be happy about it, and/or blame Maci for it, they should probably look in the mirror.

If they want to find the real culprits, look closer to home.

After all, we don’t know why they would expect Maci to stand idly by and allow them to continue lying about her on TV.

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