Taylor Swift Chokes On A Bug, Swallows It During Eras Tour

Taylor Swift had a pretty wild choking attack during her latest concert, but no need for the Heimlich here — turns out she accidentally swallowed a freakin’ bug in front of tens of thousands of fans!!!

The singer was at Chicago’s Soldier Field Sunday night when the rogue insect jumped down Taylor’s throat and pushed pause on the show. The Swifties went completely silent as they all watched their favorite performer start to cough repeatedly.

It wasn’t as serious as fans thought, though … she let them know about the bug sabotage, causing everyone to burst out laughing — and after, apparently, swallowing the thing, T-Swift jokingly added, “Oh, delicious!”

Bugging out aside … the Sunday night show wrapped up a pretty epic 3-day stand in the Windy City for TS.

As we reported, she made sure her LGBTQ fans felt safe and welcome during Friday night’s show, saying she loves seeing fans interacting and being their true selves as Pride month kicked off.

Taylor’s Eras Tour has been such a success so far, she just announced she’s adding stops later this year in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

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