Teresa Giudice Trashes Jackie Goldschneider, Sort of Crushes on Her Husband

If Teresa Giudice really is about to get fired by Bravo executives, we can now say this for certain:

She isn’t going down without a fight.

Or, to perhaps be more specific and accurate… she isn’t going down without causing a lot of fights.

On the Season 11 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider really went at it.

Most notably, former accused the latter’s husband, Evan, of carrying on an affair.

Jackie responded in such shock and disgust to this allegedly false rumor that she threw another phony one back in Teresa’s face, making a comparison that subsequently landed Goldschneider in hot water.

She wondered how Teresa would react if she spread speculation that daughter “Gia snorts coke in the bathroom at parties.”

Young Gia Giudice issued a statement in response to getting dragged into this feud in such an unseemly manner.

According to Page Six, meanwhile, Teresa simply made up the above rumor about Jackie’s husband because she’s afraid of getting fired.

“She’s being watched by the network and needed a story to stir the pot,” alleged a New York Post insider last week.

“She had zero proof [that he cheated] and made up the story because Bravo has been getting rid of original Housewives.

“[She’s] too expensive and they can filter through different women. She’s desperately trying to stay relevant.”

We can’t say for certain whether this report is accurate.

But we can verify that Bravo has released a sneak peek at the next all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey — and it features even more pot-stirring from Teresa.

In the preview, the ladies are headed to Lake George for their first cast trip of season 11 … and they start to discuss what’s on their agenda for the weekend.

Immediately, Teresa is heard saying, “Jackie’s not here we’re gonna have so much fun.”

Giudice proceeds to tell her colleagues that she did apologize to Jackie for spreading the infidelity rumor about her husband, admitting:

“Maybe it was the wrong time to say it. I’m not sorry for saying it! I mean, whatever… I was drinking.

“I guess I was looking at Evan and he looks like a suave kind of guy. He’s very good looking.”

Wait, what? Come again, Teresa?

In the clip, Margaret then asks Teresa if she has a “little crush” on Evan, citing a previous remark the polarizing star made about him being “the cutest husband.”

“He is! He’s my type,” Teresa reveals. “I’m not saying I have a crush on him.”

We mean… sounds a lot like Teresa is saying she has a crush on him, doesn’t it?

From there, both Melissa Gorga and Dolores Catania chide Teresa for talking about Evan cheating, considering she doesn’t seem to have any evidence of any affairs.

“Unless somebody has a picture of somebody, we should not be saying a damn word,” Gorga tells her sister-in-law, setting Giudice off.

“Who gives a f-ck?! She can stand up for her man!’ Teresa explodes.

“Like, I don’t know what kind of marriage they have. She said she doesn’t give him blow jobs, and when you love someone, you f-cking lick ’em upside down.”

(Editor’s Note: You’re a lucky man, Luis Ruelas!)

The castmates appear to have a challenging time containing their frustration with the mother of four, rolling their eyes repeatedly at Teresa’s defense of herself.

“She would have been my bitch the whole weekend,” Teresa alleges of Jackie and her absence from the trip, adding:

“I wish she would’ve came! I would have rode her harder than her husband would have ever rode her.”


Also, we must admit, LOL.

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