Thats not sport! Piers Morgan claims Lewis Hamilton was robbed for dramatic TV

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen analysed by Coulthard

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Piers Morgan has claimed Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of the final Grand Prix of the season yesterday. The broadcaster admitted he felt Max Verstappen’s win was “completely unfair” in view of his 7.9 million followers on Twitter this morning.

Piers Morgan

The former Good Morning Britain host called out the Abu Dhabi race, which has been plagued with controversy.

Yesterday, the 2021 title fight went down to the final lap between Verstappen and Hamilton.

At the start of the race, it was decided that lapped cars would not be allowed to pass.

However, after Nicolas Latifi’s crash led to a late safety car, this would have meant five cars separating the two drivers.

The ruling was then changed to allow the five cars in between to pass, leading to a face-off between Hamilton and Verstappen in the final lap.

With the latter on fresh tyres, he crossed Hamilton in the final moments of the race.

Mercedes and Hamilton have already lodged protests over the decision.

Reacting to the race, Morgan weighed in with his thoughts this morning.

He wrote: “New F1 World Champion @Max33Verstappen’s Grand Prix win yesterday was thrillingly unpredictable, sensationally exciting, and also completely unfair…

“@LewisHamilton was robbed by rule-bending officials who wanted to give us all a great dramatic TV moment.

“That’s not sport,” added the television presenter.

Many of Morgan’s followers reacted to his opinion, sharing their own thoughts about the controversy.

@DannyKing wrote: “Exactly this. They basically handed the win to max on a plate by changing the rules.

“How come Max was allowed to overtake lapped cars but the person in p3 behind Max wasn’t allowed to. Absolute farce from the FIA.”

@Nathan59709206 replied: “Totally agree. Crash Verstappen’s title will now always and arguably rightly be tainted.”

However, others defended the decision from the stewards and Verstappen’s win.

@CharlieBass18 wrote: “It was the race directors disgression to bend the rules in order to provide a spectacle, and that he did. (sic)

“Merc should have pitted Lewis. Max and Red Bull did nothing wrong. It’s happened all season so just move on.”

While @MattCla35044646 added: “What about all the times that Hamilton didn’t get punished when he should have done?

“Like corner cutting perhaps?”

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