‘The Bold & The Beautiful ’: Denise Richards, Usher, & More Hotties From The Hit Show, Past & Present

Some of the hottest stars today got their big break on one of the most dramatic soap operas on CBS! Today, we take a look back at Denise Richards, Usher, and more stars who starred on ‘The Bold & The Beautiful!’

Since its debut in March 1987, The Bold & The Beautiful has given audiences glamor, fashion, and drama! Over the years, the show has built a loyal following among fans and has even introduced them to some of the hottest stars working today. The Bold & The Beautiful became the launching pad for a number of famous faces, gave a new lease on a number of stars’ careers, and many have even returned to the show over the years. Now, we’re looking back at the hottest stars who appeared on the hit CBS soap opera!

Before he was singing about making “Love In This Club,” Usher appeared on the long-running CBS soap opera. During the first few years of Usher’s burgeoning career, the singer played Raymond in a string of nine episodes on The Bold & The Beautiful in 1998. Not only did the role jumpstart Usher’s acting career, it gave him a new following and solidified him as an actor! Since his time on The Bold & The Beautiful, Usher has starred in Soul Foo(2003), Hands Of Stone (2016), and most recently the Sundance Film Festival hit Bad Hair.

But Usher isn’t the only hot commodity who graced the small screen in The Bold & The Beautiful. Before she joined The Real Housewives Of Beverly HillsDenise Richards was a solidified soap star on the series. Between 2019 and 2020, Denise starred as Shauna Fulton on The Bold & The Beautiful. The former ‘Bond’ girl has appeared in over 100 episodes of the long-running soap series, and may very well return for more while she balances her obligations on RHOBH. As Shauna Fulton, Denise plays the mother of Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) on the soap opera. Shauna harbors a secret that is soon revealed on the show, and creates a domino effect that puts her daughter, those around her, and herself in jeopardy.

Denise Richards in ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ [CBS].

But Denise and Usher are only two of the hot stars who have appeared on The Bold & The Beautiful! To see more, click through the gallery above!

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