The Duke & Duchess of Sussex donated £90,000 to Feeding Britain

I am not 100% sure how all of this works, but apparently there was some added revenue generated from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s 2018 wedding, likely from the broadcast rights? Perhaps? And somehow, this money just turned up about six weeks ago or so and it amounts to £90,000. Instead of tucking that money away in a rainy-day-royal fund, Prince Harry and Meghan asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to take the money and donate it to Feeding Britain, an organization for which the Archbishop acts as president.

Prince Harry and Meghan have arranged for money generated from their wedding broadcast to go toward feeding hungry children during the coronavirus pandemic. The couple pledged just over £90,000 to the charity Feeding Britain for its programs across the UK, which provide families in need with hot meals and food packages. The funds have been called a “godsend” by the organization’s national director, Andrew Forsey, and come from excess profits from the BBC’s royal wedding broadcast.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who presided over the Sussexes’ May 2018 marriage, is President of Feeding Britain. Harry and Meghan told him they wanted the money to be donated to the organization during a phone call held around the time schools across the UK were closing their doors to most children. A spokesperson for Harry and Meghan said they are “delighted” to see the money go to “such a great cause.”

It had been agreed at the time of Harry and Meghan’s wedding that if there were any excess profits from the BBC broadcast, that money would go to a charity nominated by the couple. They were notified about the funds around the time the coronavirus pandemic was taking hold. It is understood the Sussexes thought it was fitting that funds generated from their wedding go to a charity supported by the Archbishop, who played such an important role on the day.

Forsey says that this donation will help Feeding Britain to sustain their programs until schools reopen. “The social and economic consequences of coronavirus have sent shockwaves across the Feeding Britain network. Families living in poverty, who were already struggling to access and afford food, have been put at even greater risk of hunger,” he told T&C. He added that the money, which is expected to arrive this week, “will keep breakfast, lunch and dinner, so three square meals, on the table of many tens of thousands of children across our network.”

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My guess is that Harry and Meghan were always going to donate any revenue they got from the BBC broadcast and they were only recently informed about it. Meaning, they couldn’t have kept it themselves, and there was always going to be a charitable donation anyway. I 100% support all of the food-bank and feeding-children charities always, and this sounds like a great version of several American organizations (like Feeding America). Perhaps the Sussex Squad will donate to Feeding Britain too?

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