The Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s 2018 wedding holds up pretty well too

For the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s ninth wedding anniversary, I did a retrospective of their 2011 wedding and whether the event “held up” nine years later. I kind of thought that the biggest parts did hold up – Kate’s McQueen gown looks classic rather than dated, and the event had simplicity and tradition… and not that much modernity. In retrospect, I doubt they would have been allowed to modernize their wedding too much, which is good news because they had zero inclination to do so. Harry and Meghan on the other hand…

May 19th is the second wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They were married on a bright and sunny day at St. George’s Chapel on the greater Windsor Castle complex. From what I remember, the Queen did not offer them the chance to marry in London, and Harry and Meghan seemed happy with Windsor as their locale. It ended up working out well, especially with the long carriage procession back to Windsor Castle for their reception – there were thousands of people gathered along that route, waving and cheering for the Sussexes. It ended up being a very photogenic/scenic locale.

The wedding service itself was pretty “modern.” In the days leading up to the wedding, Meghan’s father had introduced himself to the world as one of the most toxic dirtbags ever. Toxic Tom didn’t go to the wedding, and Prince Charles stepped in at the last minute to walk Meghan part of the way down the aisle, although she took the final steps to Harry on her own. Charles also made the effort to ensure that Meghan’s mother was included, and he took Doria’s arm as they exited the chapel.

Meghan’s wedding gown was Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy – a British designer at a French house. The gown was instantly controversial because it wasn’t body-con or a princess-mermaid gown and it wasn’t cinched with a corset. I dug the simplicity of the design, although in retrospect… yeah, the fit could have been slightly better. My biggest peeve about Meghan’s wedding look is still her hair – that was back when Meghan preferred to look slightly “undone,” with loose strands of hair in an updo. That is fine for daily wear, but I have to think she kind of regrets those loose strands around the tiara now. The tiara is a whole different conversation – we learned, months later, that Meghan possibly chose a different tiara but the Queen yanked it. Or something. I’m still not entirely clear what happened there, just that the bitchy courtiers spent more than a year bitterly complaining about it.

I genuinely loved Meghan’s reception look too – this was bespoke Stella McCartney, the most I’ve ever liked a McCartney gown. It’s gorgeous. And Meghan wore an aquamarine ring once owned privately by Princess Diana (the ring was given to Meghan by Harry).

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