The Game Asks Fans to ‘Pray for Me’ in Heartbreaking Post

The ‘Hate It or Love It’ hitmaker is in deep grieve after the recent passing of his grandmother, Lillie Marie Frazier, that leaves him only with one parent and no grandparents.

AceShowbizThe Game is currently at a low point in his life after losing his dearest one. The Compton artist, who is still mourning the loss of his grandmother, shared a heartbreaking post on Monday, July 20 as he pitied himself for having no father and no grandparents anymore.

The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, posted on Instagram a throwback picture of him as a kid. The young Jaycon was shirtless as he sat on the beach. But instead of looking excited, his face showed sad expression.

The Game used the photo to reflect his feelings now after losing some of his family members. “If missing your father & grandmother had a face. A boy who once had a full family is down to one parent & no grandparents,” he wrote in the caption, before asking his followers to “Pray for me.”

In no time, the comment section of the post has been flooded with uplifting messages as one who has also lost grandparents wrote, “I have no grand parents and no parents anymore appreciate what you have and sorry for your loss.”

Another reminded The Game to stay strong for his children, “Praying for you homie stay up cause now u have kids too carry on.” A third user similarly wrote, “Unfortunately that’s just the way of life Stay Family Oriented and raise your babies the same. No greater love.”

“Everything is gonna be alright God is watching over you dawg,” someone else shared well wish for the “Hate It or Love It” hitmaker. “Praying with you big bro,” read another comment, as another added, “We always got your back Game!! I feel for you and your family.”

Two days before, The Game expressed his deep grieve over the loss of his grandmother, Lillie Marie Frazier, in another Instagram post. Sharing pictures from the funeral, he’s seen breaking down in tears while sitting next to her coffin.

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” he wrote in the caption. “I’ve never known a life without you so today feels different. There’s an emptiness attached to your passing that can’t be filled with anything on this earth. You were & will always be my angel.”

He admitted that the thought of being left by his loved ones makes him scared, “I’ve always thought, what if something happened to my mother especially after losing my father….. Then I see people lose their children & I think to myself, how are they able to live with that. I even think about myself dying one day but it’s so crazy to me how I’ve never thought about you leaving this world. Never once occurred to me that it was a possibility because you’ve always been there.”

Praising his grandmother for being “so beautiful, so strong….. so loving & non-judge mental,” he described her as “the head of a beautiful family that you built with your own hands.” He continued, “There is no me without you & I know you can see me hurting. Help me like you always do grandma. Show me the light just one more time. Please………”

The Game said “it didn’t seem real” until they buried her. “I waited with you the entire day until the sun left footsteps across the sky…,” he shared, “til everyone was gone & I shoveled every grain of earth into the ground until it was filled because I felt that was the least I could do to show you how much you’ve always meant to me.”

As he struggled with the pain, he held onto his grandmother’s words of wisdom, “I lost a huge piece of my heart that can never be replaced….. but as you would always tell me….. ‘All living things must perish, but do not fret grandson because the earthly body is merely a costume borrowed by God to be used on earth until he calls you home & your work here is done’.”

“I love you little lady & I will miss you being here,” he continued, before concluding, “the only way I’ve known you to be. Sleep well Queen.”

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