These #ClingyPet TikTok Videos Feature The Cutest Attention-Seekers

Get ready for the cutest thing you’ll see all day, because TikTok’s latest challenge has people making videos of their pets’ neediest moments. The challenge is to "show your pet is clingy, without saying your pet is clingy." The result is a slew of videos with over 73 million views as of Jan. 26, all of which capture dogs and cats sticking to their owners like Velcro. From pups that don’t want their owners to stop petting them to cats that run across the room to greet their hooman, these #ClingyPet TikTok videos will bring the adorable floofs to your day.

Each of the videos in the #ClingyPet challenge uses an original sound created by Scott Tavlin in a TikTok post on Jan. 15. The challenge video asks TikTokers to showcase how needy their pets are without saying anything. Whether you find the challenge relatable AF or want to get in on the adorable vibes, you’ll be able to catch dogs and cats of all sizes acting clingy in different ways.

After scrolling through these #ClingyPet TikTok videos, you may decide to showcase your own furry friend or just scroll for minutes (or hours) on end because of how ridiculously cute it is.

1. The Original Challenge Video

The first springboard for the #ClingyPet challenge, Tavlin’s video doesn’t show off his own pup, but there are plenty of vids of his doggo if you dig further into his account.

2. This Video Features A Mimicking Pup

TikToker @nataliealysa posted a video of her dog standing behind her on its hind legs. When she turns her head to look at the dachshund, the pup also turns its head and watches whatever she’s doing.

3. A Reality TV Star’s #ClingyPet Video

Whether or now you’re an Impractical Jokers fan, you’ll be so her for Joe Gatto’s TikTok video of his pup Struffoli. Gatto called Struffoli "newer to the pack," but the dog immediately demonstrates his neediness by pawing his owner after he isn’t getting pets anymore.

4. One Snuggly Pup

TBH, when dogs want to snuggle all the time, it’s way too cute — and thanks to @ralphiethecavapoo1 on TikTok, you can watch the cuteness over and over. This sweet cavapoo — a cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle mix — is so into the snuggles he’s using his owner’s face as a pillow.

5. A Very Sleepy Dog

TikToker @bucketsthefoxredlab’s video for the challenge shows one adorable puppy sleeping on his owner, with his head resting on her neck. It’s clear this pup sees no need for any separation, even when he’s snoozing.

6. This Golden Retriever’s Cuddle Time

This #ClingyPet TikTok post from @finthegolden features one sleepy dog with his paw in his owner’s hand. As if that’s not cute enough, the dog moves to put his head in her hand instead.

7. This Shih Tzu Follows Its Owner To The Bathroom

Yep, this Shih Tzu loves its owner so much, that she follows to the bathroom in this #ClingyPet TikTok by @leighannc1997. And likely every other room in the house.

8. This Video Features A Very Affectionate Dog

Shared to the clingy pet challenge by @kamrynpuckett, this video pretty much says it all. Her sweet dog stands on her shoulders and licks her cheek when she turns her head.

9. A Clingy Feline Video

This TikTok video from @chandlerbingswifey shows the owner’s cat running from way across the room to get to the couch, where its owner is.

10. An Extremely Snuggly Cat

This adorable #ClingyPet video from @iammoshow showcases not one, but three cats. Each of them basically hangs out in his arms like a baby and one even climbs on his head.

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