Tom Cruise's Anti-Aging Hack Isn't Botox — It's a Nightingale Poo Facial

Celebrities got to extreme lengths to maintain their youthful looks. Although for many, the answer is usually Botox to get rid of the peeping wrinkles, for others, their regimen might surprise you and most probably disgust you.

One Direction’s lead singer Harry Styles, for example, swears by sheep placenta to keep his face looking as young as it does. For Tom Cruise, the regimen he swears by involves bird poo. Read on to find out more.

Tom Cruise attended 15 schools in 14 years

Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse New York. His mother was a special education teacher, and his father was an electrical engineer. Cruise didn’t have the best relationship with his father. The actor remembered him as having been very abusive and manipulative.

When Cruise’s father took up a job as a Canadian Armed Forces consultant, the family had to relocate to Canada where Cruise spent part of his childhood. The star’s mother eventually left his father, and they relocated back to the United States and his mother remarried.

Before pursuing acting, Cruise was very interested in becoming a seminarian. He even attended a Franciscan seminary in Ohio. Due to his family moving around so much, the star ended up attending 15 schools in 14 years.

When Cruise turned 18, he left for New York with his mother’s blessings to become an actor. He worked for some time as a busboy and eventually signed with CAA. His first acting role was a minor one on the film Endless Love.

Cruise worked his way to become one of the world’s highest-paid actors

After appearing in Endless Love, more opportunities began coming Cruise’ way. In 1983, Cruise got busy on the Outsiders, All the Right Moves, and Risky Business, all in the same year. Many critics described his role on Risky Business as his career maker and a classic movie.

Cruise’ appearance in Top Gun in 1986 cemented his status as the star to watch out for. In 1988, his appearance on Cocktail earned him the Razzle Award nomination for Worst Actor. Later on, Cruise went on to appear in films such as Rain Man and Born on the Fourth of July.

In the latter film, he played Ron Kovic, a real-life paralyzed Vietnam War veteran. His performance earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor-Motion Picture Drama, People’s Choice Award and Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor.

In 1990 and 1992, he starred with his wife Nicole Kidman on the films Days of Thunder and Far And Away respectively. In 1994 the actor starred in Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire alongside heavyweights Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Antonio Banderas.

The film was an adaption of Anne Rice’s best-selling novel. Initially, Rice was livid about hearing about Cruise’s casting as she wanted Julian Sands to play his part. However, when the film premiered, Rice dedicated a two-page ad in Daily Variety praising Cruise performance.

In 1996, Cruise cemented his status as a bankable actor with the Mission Impossible reboot. In the film, he played superspy Ethan Hunt. His performance was critically acclaimed, and the film was a box office success.

Cruise appeared in the five subsequent Mission Impossible sequels afterward. Cruise has appeared in several films since then including Vanilla Sky, War of Worlds, The Last Samurai and Collateral.

Cruise’ hack for staying young will surprise you

Cruise might be 58 years old, but he doesn’t look a day over 30. The actor’s secret to staying youthful isn’t Botox but a very weird facial that costs $180 a pop. According to the Huffington Post, Cruise uses the same secret regimen that Victoria Beckham swears by, the Nightingale Poo Facial.

The Geisha Facial consists of powdered Nightingale poo which he tops with rice bran. The procedure is undertaken alongside controlled amounts of ultraviolet light for an hour to sanitize the skin and keep it feeling and looking young.

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