Twitch Replaces Metallica BlizzCon Performance With 8-Bit Folk Music Amid Copyright Concerns

Gaming streaming platform Twitch cut off the audio of Metallica‘s BlizzCon performance on its official channel on Friday (February 19) due to copyright concerns and replaced it with 8-bit instrumental folk music.

The switch by Twitch to use royalty-free music to avoid a DMCA takedown came in the middle of “Enter Sandman,” which is one of Metallica’s biggest hits.

According to reports, e-sports analyst Rod “Slasher” Breslau reported the news first. Although the gaming portal’s official channel cut off the portion, the concert and the music played as expected on other Twitch channels such as Blizzard‘s own and the official BlizzCon livestream on YouTube.

Twitch has been facing flak from music-industry organizations in recent months for using unlicensed songs on its service. The gaming platform has been negotiating with music organizations on copyright issues.

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